WWE News: Understanding Ted DiBiase's Injury at SmackDown Live Event

Louie BabcockContributor IIIMarch 8, 2012

From acner.org
From acner.org

WWE.com is reporting that Ted DiBiase injured himself in a match Tuesday night against Jinder Mahal.

DiBiase was diagnosed with a fracture to the calcaneus bone and a grade-two tear to the deltoid ligament.

What exactly does all that medical mumbo-jumbo mean?

The calcaneus bone is the heel bone. The deltoid ligament is actually a series of ligaments around the ankle. These ligaments form what appears to be a triangle.

A grade-two tear is a sprain.

Sprains are graded on a scale of one to three.

Grade one means that the ligaments have been stretched, but still in one piece.

Grade two means that the ligament has a partial tear in it.

Grade three means that the ligament is completely torn through.

DiBiase will be placed in a cast for the broken heel. The cast will keep the foot immobile, which will also allow the torn ligament to heal.

Injuries such as this rarely need surgery, unless it is shown that the injury is not healing properly in the cast. 

DiBiase will likely be out of action for six to eight weeks.




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