2008 MLB Predictions

Aaron Schwartz@AaronSchwartzBRCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2008

Got a few predictions to make with the start of Spring Training Games.  Please feel free to leave comments on anything that you like or that you may disagree with.

AL East:

  1. Boston Red Sox                   96-66
  2. New York Yankees                91-71
  3. Toronto Blue Jays                 85-77
  4. Tampa Bay Devil Rays           71-91
  5. Baltimore Orioles                  67-95


AL Central:

  1. Cleveland Indians                 93-69
  2. Detroit Tigers                      89-73
  3. Kansas City Royals               80-82
  4. Chicago White Sox               75-87
  5. Minnesota Twins                  70-92


AL West:

  1. Seattle Mariners                   90-72
  2. LA Angels of Anaheim           86-78
  3. Oakland Athletics                  78-84
  4. Texas Rangers                     63-99


NL East:

  1. New York Mets                     101-61
  2. Atlanta Braves                      92-70
  3. Phildelphia Phillies                  84-78
  4. Washington Nationals           80-82
  5. Florida Marlins                      74-88


NL Central:

  1. Chicago Cubs                       93-69
  2. Milwaukee Brewers                87-75
  3. St. Louis Cardinals                82-80
  4. Cincinatti Reds                      70-92
  5. Houston Astros                    69-93
  6. Pittsburgh Pirates                 64-98


NL West:

  1. LA Dodgers                           91-71
  2. San Diego Padres                   88-74
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks           82-80
  4. Colorado Rockies                   76-86
  5. San Fransisco Giants             63-99


AL Divisonal Playoffs:

Seattle Mariners over Boston Red Sox

New York Yankees over Cleveland Indians


NL Divisional Playoffs:

New York Mets over LA Dodgers

Chicago Cubs over Atlanta Braves



New York Yankees over Seattle Mariners



New York Mets over Chicago Cubs


World Series:

New York Mets over New York Yankees


AL MVP - Ichiro Suzuki


NL MVP - David Wright


AL Cy Young - C.C. Sabathia


NL Cy Young - Johan Santana


Tell me what you think will happen this year, leave a post with your World Series teams. 


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