How to Catch Beautiful Trout

Jess KContributor IIIMarch 12, 2012

8 Nov 2001:   Daniel Herbert, the Australian centre, holds a rainbow trout caught during a spot of fly fishing at a team activity day at Willinghurst Estate, Cranleigh, Surrey.DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Dave Rogers/ALLSPORT
David Rogers/Getty Images

Spending a day at gorgeous mountain lake fishing is one of the most pleasant ways to enjoy life. Some people just enjoy looking at the scenery while drowning worms. However, if you actually want to catch a fish there are a few extra things you need to do. Here are some helpful hints to catch a beautiful trout.

Trout fishing requires using ultra-light fishing rods. Trout generally don’t bite hard, especially the small brook trout and little rainbows. Using two- or four-pound test monofilament line on your fishing reels will work well because you can feel the light bites.

One of the greatest ways to catch a beautiful trout is to use salmon eggs on a No. 12 fish hook. You can usually only hook one egg or maybe two if they are small. Trout look for single eggs floating along the bottom.

Most trout don’t like to eat the hard outer shell of the egg. They want the soft interior. As an adult they will approach the egg and just suck it to remove the middle. When this happens you will only feel a very light tug on the line.

Don’t try to set the hook! You’ll only pull it away from the fish. Instead, gently move the line an inch or so, just enough that the trout believes the egg is floating away. Their natural reaction is to grab the whole egg to prevent it from leaving. When the fish snatches the egg then you can set the hook.

Setting the hook on a trout should be done with a short quick tug of the line. Any more than that will result in tearing out the lips of the fish.

If you don’t have any luck using salmon eggs try using a small red wiggler worm, wacky rig on a No. 10 fish hook. Texas rigs and drop shot rigs seem to work best.