Why Brett Favre Should Play One More Season, but Not with the New York Jets

Justin SomeContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

After hearing and witnessing what had happened to the New York Jets on Dec. 28 against the Miami Dolphins, I realize that will not be the way the future Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre will let his career end.

In my opinion, in the next few weeks, as Favre takes some time to determine what he will do, I think that he is going to realize that he needs to play one more season to finish on a good note.

There is no way that a quarterback like him will have his final game be one where he had three interceptions.

If Favre does decide to return, it won't be with the Jets, because why would a star player want to go back to a team where everyday you're being criticized for the way you play, when they themselves didn't play all that great.

Plus, who knows what the Jets' situation is going to be like in about nine months. I mean, what star player would want to go to a team where you can't even get a reasonable coach to interview?

In my opinion, I think Favre is better off going to a team like the Lions, where he would have a better season. Plus, he would never get criticized, because he is probably the only player on that team that has ever been to the playoffs and actually won a game.

Favre would be a leader in Detroit and would be a great mentor towards Orlovsky, who in my opinion, might have a breakout year next season, the way the Patriots' QB Matt Cassel this season.

However, the odds that Favre would want to go to the Lions are very slim, but it is what I highly recommend for him.

With Favre, in my opinion, it is hard to say what he is going to do in the upcoming weeks, but if he is smart, he will come back and give us just one more season to an already phenomenal career.