Printable NCAA Bracket 2012: Last-Minute Picks for Your Tournament

Joshua CarrollCorrespondent IIMarch 15, 2012

It's almost the deadline for those brackets. Did you make the right choices? We will have to wait and see but there a few bracket busters out there that can make or break your chosen tournament path. Did you take them into account?

By "them" I mean teams like Long Beach State, NC State, and even Murray State. All have the capability to take out some of the top teams that you may have in your Elite 8, or even in your Final Four.

Long Beach State looks poised and ready to be this year's Cinderella team.

Lead by the versatile and crafty scorer Casper Ware, the 49ers rarely have a problem putting the ball in the basket. They play scrappy defense, are always the first ones to loose balls, and have all the makings of a bracket buster. It could really go either way for LB State in March. Are you willing to take a risk and choose them over a top seeded team like Michigan State? That one's up to you.

NC State doesn't have any impressive wins under their belt, but they beat the teams they needed to beat in order to make the tournament and now have an opportunity to upset one of the top teams in their bracket while riding a wave of momentum winning four out of their last five and losing to arguably the best team in the nation.

I wouldn't write them off just yet, they could mess up a lot of people's first round, but they could also make a lot of people look foolish for choosing them over the Aztecs.

Murray State isn't exactly an underdog as they only lost one game this season. However, they did not play a very tough schedule. Therefore, they are entering their bracket as the 6-seed. That being said, Murray State is still a very good team.

A lot of people might overlook them, but they could be one of the more pleasant surprises in March, just like they were during the season.

Can they keep up their winning ways? I think so, but to what extent is the real question.

These are just three teams with the potential to bust up your bracket. Of course there are a lot more out there that simply cannot be accounted for. You can do all the calculations and research you want, but at the end of the day heart and hustle can only be measured in sweat and tears.