Chicago Bulls Win over the Miami Heat Doesn't Mean Anything

Darrell HorwitzSenior Writer IIMarch 16, 2012

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It's amazing the delusions of grandeur Chicago Bulls fans had after they beat the Miami Heat without Derrick Rose Wednesday night.

They thought this win proved once and for all that the Bulls are well-equipped to knock off Miami this year in the playoffs.

They are wrong!

I'm surprised there were no articles saying the Bulls should trade Rose now that John Lucas lll has proven the Bulls don't need him to win.

Couldn't they have picked up a shooting guard and maybe a draft pick for him?

The absurdity of my last statement is the same as fans thinking Wednesday's game against Miami meant anything.

It didn't!

If the Bulls and Miami were both healthy and one team won by 30, it still wouldn't have meant anything.

The game is different in the playoffs. It's also different when a star player sits out.

Others step up to take his place and yesterday, Lucas—in the minds of some—had a great game.

You'll notice I said some.

I thought he had a lousy game, even though the way he played helped them win.

As the third-string guard, his job is to get other players involved. He did none of that. Every time he got the ball, he looked for his shot. Just about every time.

I remember thinking near the end of the third quarter when the Bulls had the ball with under 20 seconds left that he was going to shoot and not even look for the open man.

Of course I was right.

He thinks he's Derrick Rose and is supposed to do what Rose does. He's not and he can't. He's in the league as a favor to his father from Tom Thibodeau.

Throwing up shots and having them fall doesn't mean it was a good game. It means it was a lucky game.

One assist for a point guard. If this was a one-time thing I could overlook it, but that's how he plays all the time, even when Rose is playing.

He has no concept of how to play the game, and that's surprising since he's a coach's son.

Do you think LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were shaking in their boots at the site of Lucas on the court instead of Rose? Do you think they might have let up a bit?

You can fault them for that, but don't you think they might have played a little harder with Rose on the court? James alluded as much in an interview after the game.

Game in and game out, the Bulls play harder than their opponents. They are probably a better regular season team than Miami. They were last year and they could be this year.

The win gave them a three-and-a-half game advantage on the Heat.

It didn't matter last year and I don't think it will matter this year. Sure, you would rather play a seventh game on your home court, but I don't think it goes seven. I also don't think it matters if it did. Miami could win that game in Chicago.

What Chicago proved Wednesday was that they're a deep team that overcomes adversity.

They didn't prove they have that second scorer they will need to overcome Miami in the playoffs, unless anybody is crazy enough to think Lucas is that guy.

The Bulls have a deep team that works hard. Often harder than the opposition.

When the playoffs start, the other teams turn it up a notch. The Bulls don't have that extra gear because they play like every game is the playoffs.

That, and not having that second player to help out Rose. could prove to be their undoing.

I'm sorry to rain on anyone's parade, but the giddiness over that game made me do it.

Someone has to be the voice of reason.


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