Wrestlemania XVIII: Divas Match Finally Set, Women's Title Not Up for Grabs

TJ WalkerContributor IIIMarch 16, 2012

Well, fans have been getting antsy over the possibility that this year's WrestleMania—which will be held in 17 days in Miami, Florida—would not have a Divas match.  However, those fans no longer have anything to worry about.

As can be seen here, Divas Champion Beth Phoenix will team with WWE's newest heel, Eve, to take on Maria Menounos and Eve's former BFF Kelly Kelly.  

Unfortunately for those who feel that the women of WWE don't get enough air-time, this match probably won't last too long.  Odds are, Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos will be the winners via roll-up.

Sadly, aside from the bonus WrestleMania check and celebrity involvement, this match will be just like all the other Divas matches that have been plaguing the women of the WWE as of late.