WrestleMania 28: John Cena vs. the Rock Is the True Main Event

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIIMarch 19, 2012

John Cena vs. The Rock is the one and only true main event at WrestleMania 28, period.

Will we see better matches?


Will anything else matter once it’s time for Rock and Cena to face each other?

Absolutely not.

Planning the showdown between the two icons may have been a year in the making, but it hasn’t killed the hype, only slowed it down during certain parts of the year. Since the Rock has been back on TV, there is no doubt that this is the match people want to see.

Whether you're a fan of either or hate them both, somewhere in everyone's mind's are two thoughts. The first is the thought of how this match is going to turn out. The second is what the result will mean for both men and the WWE.

This is different from the Hogan vs. Rock battle. Hell, this is a whole other type of fight entirely.

We are looking at two guys who are both still in their prime, guys who have done it all in the business that is the WWE and beyond. A literal icon vs. icon scenario, just like the last one, this is the match that transcends championships, divisions and—dare I say it—streaks.

This is bigger than Punk and Jericho, Undertaker and HHH and anyone else hoping to make a splash at this year’s WrestleMania. In some cases, this is even bigger than Cena and Rock themselves. 

You see, this really isn’t “new vs. old.” Instead, it’s more “one way vs. another way,” and that means everything.

Sure, we have Punk vs. Jericho, which should make for a great match and may even steal the show. But Jericho has seen better, and quite frankly I’m not so sure his match with Punk will even be able to stand side by side with his match and rivalry against Shawn Michaels, to which his rivalry with Punk is sort of a rehash of.

Plus, it’s hard to take a “who’s the best” type of match seriously when one guy has literally done it all in the business and has other things he’s pursuing while the other guy has only been the top dog for less than a year.

What's crazy is that it's also pretty hard to take a match between two living legends with a Hall of Famer as a referee seriously, as well, when the special referee was clearly inserted to help buy rates as well as get more people interested in what could be the final match for The Undertaker and Triple H. Can the streak be broken? Possibly, but the chances that it will stay intact still seem pretty high.

We all know Rhodes vs. Big Show is another attempt to further build the future main event status of Rhodes, and Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus is just a match between two guys who fans will see for the next couple of years but as of now have no real feud going.

Again, we may see a better match out of any one of these, but once we come down to the final 35 minutes, it will be like those matches never happened.

It’s great because we’ve wanted it for years, and now it’s close. It’s intriguing because we’re still not completely sure how it will turn out. It’s important because we want to try to understand what will happen going forward, if anything happens at all.

For Cenation it’s a match that will represent fighting for what you believe in, never giving up and always staying true to those who support you.

For Team Bring It it’s a match that represents change, being real and gives a glimpse of what the Attitude Era was and why it was so great.

It’s a match between two superpowers—sports entertainment gods, if you will. An Attitude Era hero vs. a PG Era king.

It’s not the Rock’s biggest match of all-time, but it is Cena’s and will be the WWE’s. In this new age of social media, streaming, instant polls and automatic everything, this match will be promoted as the greatest match of all-time, whether it’s a botch fest or an Olympic-style wrestling match.

It will get media attention that the other matches won’t and will actually have a major effect on the WWE. In a way, it’s not fair, but that’s the business, and this is the type of match that keeps businesses afloat.

John Cena vs. the Rock is the true main event. As for everything else, well that’s just filler.