John Paxson's Comfortable Chair Should Be a Hot Seat

Leo LondonoContributor IJanuary 14, 2009

Bulls GM John Paxson was on 670 The Score last week.

You can listen to it HERE.

If you listen towards the end, my main man Brian Hanley asks a real good question, which Pax, as usual dodges ever so slightly.

When asked about the development or UNDER-development of Tyrus and Joke-im, Pax slid his way into talking about their consistent minutes they have been getting.

No, John. Forget the minutes.

What about the inconsistent PLAY?

Granted, consistent play can't come before the minutes, because if you don't have minutes, you don't play, but if I were to continue, this would be a chicken before the egg argument.

Either way the real argument here is WHAT are YOU going to do with this team Pax. Now Kirk is back, you have six guards on your roster (thank the heavens for Lindsey Hunter), and your frontcourt consists of your two high draft picks that clearly have not understood the game on a professional level.

Drew Gooden is your best frontcourt player, and although a decent ball player, if he's your frontcourt option, you have problems. Aaron Gray is somehow in the league still, though I would argue he can be a backup center just to have a body in there and take up minutes.

Luol Deng is constantly hurt, and according to Pax, when we take quick shots down the floor, we are playing to Deng's weakness. In other words, Deng needs a few more passes before he can be effective. Well Mr. Deng, if we weren't paying so much money it wouldn't be a problem.  Oh! That's right...we are.

So let's slow down the offense for the 2009 NBA Underachieving player of the year so he can become effective. Yes, let’s take Rose's speed and quickness away, which are his strengths and slow it down...

NO, PAX! What are you saying?! What are you doing?! None of this makes sense, and you know it! This team is beyond repair right now, and why are you waiting for? Kirk is back so now you can go back to work?? You can start to make calls about the plethora of wings you have??

WHAT? NOOOO, PAX. Because one measly guard comes back, now it makes it one too many and you HAVE to make a move? HUH?! The problems have been there all year!

I know that Larry has a huge price tag on him, and he complains about playing time. So what?! LET HIM. He's not in your long-term plan so who cares?! He's a grown man making $13 million a year...

I remember that three-pointer you hit in Phoenix, Pax. I can see the whole thing. The beauty of that play wasn't just because it was in the was because every single person on the floor at that time touched the ball once.

I remember the outlet pass to you. I remember 3.9 left on the clock after you nailed it. I remember you running straight over to Scott Williams arms and jumping on him...which I've been meaning to ask...why him?

Anyway, MAN—THAT WAS BASKETBALL. Don't you want to reach that again? You tell me you do, but what you do...doesn't.

Last time I checked, you were the GM. You tell Vinny what to do, you created this team for him to put on the floor...You created this disaster. You created the UnwatchaBULLS.

Cheers, buddy.