The Evolution of Brock Lesnar: Not If, But When

Mike DAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2009

Fresh off of watching a Spike replay of Lesnar's fight with Heath Herring, and although I have seen it seven times already, I went into this one looking to be critical of what was a three-round Heath Herring nightmare.

We all want to tell the same stories our fathers told us about the greatness of Marciano, Ted Williams, Bill Russell, ...etc (anyone guess where I'm from?). We can see the limitless potential of Brock, but will the story end with:

A) He never fully dedicated himself to the sport. Never applied the teachings of the world's best trainers, so the scariest man on the planet eventually fizzled out in the sport of MMA


B) After a few years of hardcore training in Mauy-Thai, BJJ, and boxing, he went on to be the closest thing to a sure bet no matter who stepped into the cage with him.


If the answer turns out to be A, then we all have Anderson Silva to fall back on, but I can't help to be jaded by the fact that Anderson is a Middleweight. Anderson can beat anyone who weighs 185 pounds, but can he without a doubt beat the likes of Fedor, Mir, Rampage, ...etc ?

It's something I wouldn't bet the house on. Does that make him less of a legend, or does that just make him the best 185-pound fighter in the world ?

What we potentially have in Lesnar is someone we can tell Little Billy (my future grandson) was unequivocally the best fighter, regardless of weight in the world. We can state a fact when we say ANYONE at ANY WEIGHT did not have a prayer when they stepped into the cage with him.

Every generation wants that Babe Ruthian type legend to brag about in the future, but other than Tiger Woods, who are we confident enough to state: This guy could beat anyone who ever lived regardless of anything?

Back to the Herring fight. I almost threw my remote control into the TV screen after about 90 seconds. Brock had Herring's back and Herring was BEGGING for a kimora. Once Heath realized that he couldn't get this mountain off of his back, he kept on flailing his right arm backwards trying to poke Lesnar.

Brock did not even have to grab the arm and jerk it behind Herring's back, all he had to do was CATCH IT!! Ding, Ding, match over. Attention to Lesnar's trainers: Teach this man what a kimora is!!!

While Brock layed on top of Herring's back, I also wondered "I know he knows what a rear naked choke is, are his arms too friggin' big to secure under Heath's head?" Imagine what this guy could do to people if he took one week of Gracie BJJ 101.

The stars have aligned for Brock Lesnar. He is young enough to finally find his true calling in life. He is paid enough to associate himself with the best teachers of their respective Martial Arts.

The only question that remains is, Is Brock Lesnar smart, willing, and/or dedicated enough to prove to the world that he is ready to become the guy that current day MMA fans will gush about 20+ years from now ?