ICC's All Time Greatest Cricketers : A Joke Or An Insult ?

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

High up in the heavens Sir Donald Bradman might be 'dying' with embarrassment. The ICC rated him as the world’s greatest test batsman ever. This was expected. But why embarrassed? The ICC however made a mockery of his opinion.

Not long before his demise, the Don said that one Mr. Sachin Tendulkar batted much the same way as him. He even included Sachin in his all time greatest eleven and rated him as the second best ever. The ICC thought otherwise.

Sachin Tendulkar by any standards would be the top five of any cricketer's list. Nothing less he deserves. Even a rating above 10 would be an insult. But the ICC dared to rate him 26. Many of his contemporaries including Pointing, Hayden, Chanderpaul, Hussey, are rated above him. Even they might be feeling stupid by the result. And Rahul 'the wall' Dravid is 30th.

Tendulkar is the highest run scorer in the test cricket with over 12000 runs and with most centuries at 41. It took him 19 yrs of cricket. If consistency and longevity are the criteria, it should be only TENDULKAR at No.2.

If the test ratings are baffling, the ODI ratings are no less mind boggling. Vivian Richards arguably the greatest ODI player, and he himself rates Sachin Tendulkar above him. 99.9 percent of the cricketers will, why anyone with something called brain in their heads would do so. The ICC thinks Sachin deserves nothing better than 12th. Does this mean ICC has no brains? No better proof I guess.

There is a problem with the ranking system. How can they measure commitment for the game and the pressure faced by the individual?

Commitment and dedication of any player cannot be questioned but the pressure on  Sachin Tendulkar and his related performance should be placed right at the top. Pressure is a criterion which would place him beyond the great DON.

If 16400 runs (4000 runs more than the second best) and 42 centuries (double the second best) could not make him the best player, nothing ever will.

No matter what a group of dummies say, you will always have a special place in the hearts of the rest of the human community. For all that you have done and given to the cricketing fraternity, you will be placed right up there.