San Diego Chargers Fans Left To Ponder Season and the What If's

Nathan DavisContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

As the offseason begins, fans and writers alike begin to pontificate on the season that was and what could have been or should have been, etc. Yesterday, someone tried to make the argument that they would still take this year’s team over the 14-2 team that we had a couple of years ago that lost in its first playoff game of the postseason.

He tried to support his argument with statements like “at least we won a playoff game” or “at least we shut the Peyton worshipers up.” It got me thinking about the subject. I guess none of us are immune to the desire to chime in with their thoughts on their team, so allow me to wade in while the water is warm.

For me, I’d easily rather watch a 14-2 team for a whole season than a 4-8/8-8 team. At least the season would have been enjoyable (at 14-2). This season simply wasn’t.

So what if we played one more game than the 14-2 team did a few years ago. This season was a train wreck to watch and game after game was simply a test of how much of a fan you were.

With the exception of maybe three games, we didn’t play well for four quarters in any games. Quite frankly, it was hard to watch this team most of the season. So the Broncos completed their colossal failure and we snuck into the playoffs.

I personally had a much more enjoyable season watching the team that went 14-2. You knew you’d see some good football each game and you knew the Chargers were likely going to win.

They played well, with passion and intensity and dominated most of the season. More importantly, they did it over the course of 14 out of 16 games. It made you proud to be a Chargers fan.

It made you cheer and smile to watch a team play well and be something worth your praise and admiration.

Completely different story with this year’s 8-8 team. They were pathetic in most phases of the game almost the entire season. You had no idea if they were going to come out and completely embarrass themselves (which they did at times) or play well.

More importantly, you had no idea if they even had a chance to win each game. With maybe two exceptions, every game had something that was not going well at any given time (even in the games we DID win).

There were entire quarters or entire half's that we were just plain awful. Whether it was poor play, poor play-calling, offense or defense, it happened all season long.

So, would you rather have an entire season of watching excellently executed winning football and have one tough loss in the second round of the playoffs? Or would you rather watch an entire season of disorganized and poorly played losing football and sneak into the playoffs and win one playoff game only to get blown out in the second round of the playoffs?

For me, that’s an easy choice.