Tim Tebow Press Conference: Is Tebowmania Real or Hype?

Dexter RogersCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2012

FLORHAM PARK, NJ - MARCH 26:  Quarterback Tim Tebow addresses the media as he is introduced as a New York Jet at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center on March 26, 2012 in Florham Park, New Jersey. Tebow, traded from the Denver Broncos last week, will be the team's backup quarterback according to Jets head coach Rex Ryan. Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, started 11 games in 2011 for Denver and finished with a 7-4 record as a starter. He led the Broncos to a playoff overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round before eventually losing to the New England Patriots in the next round.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Tim Tebow has been signed, sealed and delivered as a member of the New York Jets

Today, Tebow answered questions from the New York media as if he was the most sought-after prize in the NFL.


I emphatically say no. 

No back-up quarterback deserves a 39-minute press conference.

Since when does a wannabe quarterback ,whose completion percentage was 46.5 percent last year, get treated as if he is an elite quarterback?

Most people who have press conferences of this magnitude have actually done something worthy to command such attention. Sorry folks, I just don’t see the fascination with the player who's been made into a cult hero by the media.  

Tebowmania is vastly hype. 

What exactly has Tebow done to be treated like NFL royalty?

I will be very emphatic here: Tim Tebow was manufactured and created by the media. Part of this creation is a result of his religious affiliation and race.

Tebow has been very demonstrative in disseminating his message of resurrecting hope and praising God. The media has taken Tebow under their collective wing and manufactured a hero out of an NFL quarterback who hasn’t earned it.

Yeah, I said it. Tebow is not a legitimate NFL quarterback and he did not deserve to be a starter last season, nor does he deserve to be a backup next season.

In Denver, Tebow was demoted to fourth string entering last season. But after starting quarterback Kyle Orton struggled to a 1-4 start, he was inserted as the starter. He did not beat Orton out, nor the other two quarterbacks, yet Tebow was essentially handed the job.

How can this happen in a league that has a clear protocol that the best players must earn their positions?

How can anyone logically assert Tebow earned the right to start last year?

The New York Jets don’t need Tebow. This trade is a media fiasco. If memory serves me correctly, the Jets had a player with a better skill-set than Tebow.

Remember Brad Smith?

Smith was a former quarterback in college, but made the switch like many African-American athletes have done in the past. 

Why wasn’t Smith retained?

The Miami Dolphins recently signed David Garrard. He was a starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Several years ago he beat out Byron Leftwich for the job.  He actually earned his stripes.

How come Garrard didn’t have a press conference like Tebow?

Race plays a factor in the level and intensity of the media coverage Tebow is receiving.

Slice the pie as you wish, but a black quarterback who has poor practice habits and cannot throw accurately would not be a starting quarterback in the NFL.

A African-American quarterback who was fourth string would not be elevated to a starter without beating out the others in front of him.

A African-American quarterback could not complete 46.5 of his passes and still be regarded as a viable NFL starting quarterback.

A African-American quarterback would not be flown in on a private jet and treated like a real quarterback a la Peyton Manning based on his current credentials.

All of the traditional rules have been tossed out of the window for Tebow. Offenses have been created for a quarterback with a plethora of deficiencies who simply cannot play the position. 

In my opinion, Tebow stinks. He does not deserve to be considered a potential starting quarterback in the NFL.

Tebow Mania has been compared to that of Jeremy Lin.

Remember Linsanity?

When Lin became the starting point guard for the New York Knicks, he received a tremendous amount of media coverage. Lin, who is of Asian descent, was a breath of fresh air for a struggling franchise in need of a lift.

The media for some reason doesn’t talk as much about Lin even though his Knicks are currently winning. 

The only viable comparison I can see between Lin and Tebow is the media coverage of their exploits, but that’s where it stops. 

Lin can actually play. He earned his stripes in the NBA. Lin bounced around in the D-League and didn’t get much playing time with the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. Once he got his shot, he played well.

How come the media is not hawking Lin now?

How come Lin isn’t having a press conference like Tebow today?

Tebow has not beaten anyone out for a job, yet he has been catered to like he’s Tom Brady

It is rather sickening to see someone who has been given so much who hasn’t deserved it.

In my opinion, a segment of the media wants to see someone who looks like them succeed, even though he did not earn the ink he is consistently receiving. 

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