Should Michael Vick Get Picked Up by the Dallas Cowboys?

Sam SmithContributor IJanuary 17, 2009

I have read a few articles that have hypothesized that Dallas should pick up Michael Vick.  I completely agree with this statement.  I have also read comments that say that Michael Vick is a horrible person and should never have a second chance.  To these comments, here are my opinions:

If you hated Michael Vick so much for making dogs fight each other, which they do on the streets anyway (when they're wild), then why would you support Pacman?  He did so many illegal things that it makes Michael Vick look like a saint! 

So if you're going to post that you hate Michael Vick and he's a bad person, then you might as well also say that you hate Dallas for keeping Pacman for as long as they did (yes, they did finally let him go).

Also, everyone deserves a second chance.  If you think that Michael Vick is a horrible person because he made animals fight each other, then you shouldn't ever go to a zoo or anything with animals because an animals nature is to fight (survival of the fittest). 

The problem with the Dallas Cowboys is that Romo is not looking too hot right now with throwing picks all the time!  Even if we kept Romo, let one of our secondary quarterbacks go, and picked up Vick, Dallas would still have a greater chance of winning games next season then they would without him.  If the Cowboys were to do this, then when Romo was throwing picks every two seconds, you could pop in Vick and win the game.  Period.