10 Biggest Jokes in the NBA

Matthew ConnollyCorrespondent IIIMarch 28, 2012

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The NBA is filled with some of the most talented athletes in the world.

Players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant prove on a nightly basis that the league's star power is shining brighter than ever.

But for all of the great players that the NBA showcases, there are a select group of players taking up roster spots that are most commonly referred to as punch lines.

Some have drawn attention for their outlandish personalities and off-the-court incidents. Some were great once only to see their career go into a tailspin. And some, well, some are just plain awful at the game of basketball.

In the video above, I run down my picks for the biggest jokes in the NBA.

If you think I’m missing someone, or don’t agree with my selections, please make yourself heard in the comments section below.

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