Someday, Andy Pettitte Will Get More Hall of Fame Votes Than Mark McGwire...

Greg SheehanCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2009

Here's to that "Cheated his ass off but CONTRITE future Hall of Famer" near you.

Let's just SAY...For a second, that Andy Pettitte/Jason Giambi gets in to the Hall of Fame, and Barry Bonds does not. I give you, a simple compare and contrast;

1.  We KNOW both took steroids.

2.  One admitted it.

2a.  The other was the best hitter we've ever seen.

Hey, I know, let's let the inferior player into the Hall of Fame because he batted 1.000 in Honesty!!!

Baseball fans...It's time for an intervention if you think for a second that guys like Pettitte and Jason Giambi will deserve to get in to the Hall but these guys won't: McGwire, Clemens, Bonds, Palmeiro.

Before I leave that statement to firm itself in cement, I have to recognize some important factors here.

Palmeiro got busted lying, he peaced out from baseball, Viagra dropped him, his moustache probably even dumped him as well. Clemens is in a "he-said, she-said" battle with some other underlying legal issues chasing him around since he didn't man up and show contrition like Giambi and Pettitte (both are still playing and Roger can't even throw batting practice).

Bonds, sure he was a jerk, he thought he was above the media since he was Pirate and apparently thought he was above the IRS and Fed court system for years as well. In the court of public opinion, he refuses to speak about his use, and guess what, he's blackballed.

MLB can use the Federal suit against Bonds as their reason for not allowing him back, and try to shut him and his big old record out...Quick—What's the Career Home Record? Don't look it up - what is it?

I know you know the number if you're a Bonds guy, but 755 is still trying to get its own 755 History Month and that other number can't be covered up quick enough.

Mark McGwire, no serious legal trouble; but he didn't man up and now he's effectively blackballed; 23.5 percent of the HOF votes in '07 and he's gone down since, probably because of the Mitchell report and Barry Bonds being an awful lightning rod for Steroid rights when it comes to contrition-expecting writers...

How come Pettitte and Giambi are still playing though, when they did the same thing that haunts these guys?  I can understand that Clemens and Bonds have some additional "stuff" going on, but Palmeiro got busted and hit Taco Bell immediately. What if he had just told the truth? And McGwire?

Between Pettitte and Giambi, either of these two guys could get more Hall of Fame votes than Clemens, Bonds, McGwire, Palmeiro.  This is not my piece about whether or not steroids is right, but we're looking at a place where baseball WRITER's vote.

Fame is very much about storytelling and the length and hue of the cape that flows behind the player, which sadly includes whether or not they were contrite, and not, as we'd like to believe, an individual audit of skill.



Pete Rose will need a lot more than contrition, so many years forward, to be considered to the Hall of Fame, but we must celebrate his statistics ON the field, because they were not fabricated by drugs.


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