Cameron White a Blight on Australian Cricket Selectors

Jason SwainContributor IJanuary 18, 2009

Many pundits are describing this current period of Australian cricket as a rebuilding phase and down-cycle, a period thrust upon us through the loss of some cricket greats over the past few years. However, with the talent pool available to the Australian selectors a deep down-cycle needn't be inevitable.

Unfortunately, selectors have come up with some truly puzzling and errant decisions of late which doesn't instill much confidence in the average cricket fan that selectors are up to the challenge!

Case in point: the continued persistence with the selection of Cameron White.

Cameron White's selection as Australia's number one spinner in India and the selectors persistence with him in 50-over cricket is farcical. Beau Casson has every reason to feel hard done-by.

The talented left-arm wrist spinner gives it a genuine tweak and seemed Shane Warne's successor after an impressive start in the Caribbean. Some have suggested that he may have been a little slow through the air for Indian batsman so adept at playing spin. Put simply, that is what bowling coaches are for.

It has also been suggested that a bowler who spins the ball away from the bat is preferable. I find this a strange statement given the left-handers in the Indian team and the clear fact the White does not turn the ball at all!

White may be effective in 20/Twenty cricket where his hitting may be of some value, but he is a poor selection in Tests or 50-over cricket. If the spot needs to go to a spinner Jason Krejza deserves this position.

David Hussey is doing a job with his off-spin at the moment and is bowled in preference to White by Ricky Ponting. Now Cameron White seems to have been selected as a batsman of late. This is mystifying given the plethora of talented batsmen who trump White as far as batting talent is concerned.

The Australian cricket team needs to move boldly forward with smart selections. The persistence with White is frustrating the chances of a young batsman or new spinner gaining much valued experience. With the coming tours of South Africa and the Ashes approaching every spot and every selection is of vital importance.