London Fletcher: The Washington Redskins' Most Dangerous Game

Daniel CarrollCorrespondent IMarch 29, 2012

Get the Deal done.
Get the Deal done.Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins still have not signed linebacker London Fletcher to a contract.  The news and rumors coming out all seem to point to the salary cap punishment.

Because the Redskins were fined $36 million for essentially upsetting a bunch of billionaire babies, the team is struggling to get the deal done with arguably the most important piece of their defense.

But that's where the argument begins to fall apart.

Washington has signed two receivers, three returning vets and two defensive secondary free agents already.  But they don't have the money to sign London Fletcher?

Obviously there are many reasons why the Redskins had to chase Garcon aggressively.  But the rest of the signings were hardly a priority.

If I was a cynical person who believed that teams, owners and coaches manipulate the information released during the offseason, I might believe that the Washington Redskins were playing a high stakes game of public relations.

Honestly, the fans are already screaming bloody murder over the cap penalties.  The whole world sees it as an illegal and heavy-handed punch to the groin for refusing to collude to keep player salaries down. 

The Redskins, however, may have taken it to the next level.  With London Fletcher, they have a player who is not just a free agent, he is the heart and soul of the team.  With signings of the 'Stieger, Montgomery, Garcon, Wilson, Meriweather and the rest all done, why has Fletcher not been signed again?


Because if we had lost one of them, we (as fans) would be upset.  If we lose London Fletcher, we are going to go nuclear on the NFL brass.  We will write letters; we will scream to the heavens, and we will universally come down on the side of our team, coach and owner...


Say that again—come down on the side of Daniel Snyder? 

Yup.  The fans will solidly and universally be on the team's side of an argument this time.  Solidarity of belief, thought and purpose.  London Fletcher is worth it—as an athlete and, more importantly, as a person.  He's a genuinely good human being, and we love him for it.

I dearly hope that Washington isn't taking advantage of that to manipulate us.

I almost did not write this article.  I almost decided that I'd rather leave it be.  Why?  Because I was sort of on Washington's side whether they were playing this game or not. 

I want the NFL punished.  I want Roger Goodell and Crybaby Mara to lose this one badly. 

But I decided that what I really want most of all is London Fletcher back in the Burgundy and Gold.

So to the Redskins I say this: Don't lose London Fletcher if you value this fans continued support.  You would have signed him if he was really the priority you made him out to be. 

I believe you let it go because he is now held hostage to the cap penalty, which is exactly where you want him.  I believe you made him a pawn in a public relations game.  I believe you are playing with fire, and if you get burned and we lose Fletcher, we, the fans, will not be forgiving.


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