Madden for McFadden: Is Darren #1?

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2008

JaMarcus Russel, Mario Willams, Alex Smith, and Eli Manning. All have one thing in common. What is that you may ask? Well its plain and simple.

Each and every one of those names were the first. The first name called. The first name called in each of their respective drafts. They were the first overall picks. The top dogs. The best of that year.

They are all great. Including Eli Manning, who recently took his underdog New York Giants to the Super Bowl. They won, and are currently the top team in the land.

This raises an important question. Who is #1 in 2008? Some say Glen Dorsey, some Say Darren McFadden, some say Chris Long, some say Jake Long, some say Vernan Gholston.

The Miami Dolphins are coming off one of the worst collective seasons in NFL history. They had a terrible Defense and offense. They also have the honor of selecting the first overall player in the upcoming draft.

Which way should they go? Defense or Offense?

If they go offense, they most likely will go with Arkansas running back Darren McFadden. McFadden would be a wise choice. This year he ran for 1830 yards on 325 carries with a 5.6 ypc. He also scored 16 touchdowns.

If you chose defense, go with Glen Dorsey. With explosive energy on and off the field, he would make a great addition to a very, very needy Dolphins team.

Dorsey or McFadden, take your pick.

I think that the Dolphins Should take Darren McFadden. He will be an amazing offensive player, and will help this Dolphins team alot.