WWE: Why Snooki Should One Day Be Inducted to the Hall of Fame

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIMay 1, 2012

The very first word that likely came to your mind after reading the title of this article was "Blasphemy!" How could I call myself a wrestling fan if I'm even suggesting that Snooki be in the WWE Hall of Fame? By now you're questioning my sanity and my ability to be a logical functioning member of the Internet wrestling community.

I assure you, I'm sane, and that I have sound reasoning for believing that Snooki should one day be inducted.

Firstly, it is a fact of life that the WWE will have celebrities being inducted to their Hall of Fame. Celebrities have greatly enhanced the overall WWE product by either making fans want to watch or aiding in setting up a firm place in pop culture. They make WrestleMania seem bigger and sometimes improve storylines.

Lawrence Taylor had very decent match with Big Bam Bigelow, which surpassed everyone's expectations. Mr. T, Muhammad Ali, Billy Martin, Cyndi Lauper and The Rockettes all made the very first WrestleMania seem more epic than it really was at that time. Celebrities have always been a part of the WWE for better and for worse.

WWE inducting celebrities should be very selective, and it should only happen on a very rare basis to make it seem special. Snooki would be a perfect inductee, as her popularity from the Jersey Shore causes some to buy a pay-per-view simply because she's in it. She actually gave the Divas a storyline that had a shred of pride than the previous few WrestleManias.

In the match itself, she held her own and was more athletic than many gave her credit for beforehand. Also, her involvement in the match was minimized, but she did enough to enhance the overall match. She carried herself like a Diva, and if I didn't know she was a reality star, I'd think she was part of the roster. 

She is also going to be a mother, and with WWE attempting to be PG, they could use Snooki as a way to make the show even more family friendly by noting she's now a mother who supports the WWE. She did more than the majority of celebrities do with the WWE—think of Kim Kardashian, who was just a hostess, or Clara Peller, who was just a guest timekeeper. 

She'd be a decent addition to the Hall of Fame, and if Drew Carey can get in, than Snooki has a place in the Hall of Fame!