WrestleMania 28: Why John Cena Got Exactly What He Needed!

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIIApril 2, 2012


Cena got exactly what he needed at WrestleMania 28—an ass kicking, and anybody that think’s that’s a bad thing is not seeing the bigger picture.

Cena getting beat, clean, allows for so many possibilities to come forth. It allows us as a fan base to become intrigued about what he might do and where he might go mentally. It opens up talk again about a heel turn, or possibly grants him the opportunity to finally add some edge to his character.

I for one don’t believe John Cena is going to go heel, but then again, he doesn’t have to. I instead want to see him change it up mentally and physically, and he did that against the Rock. Although he had a great match against CM Punk, the last time we actually saw this Cena was against Shawn Michaels.

Although it wasn’t for the entire match, Cena brought some attitude with him and displayed his strength correctly using it as a counter to the Rock, like he did against HBK. He brought out a couple of different moves and didn’t rely on his shoulder blocks to get the job done. Last night, even if only for a bit, we saw a different John Cena—and it was great to watch.

Cena spent the whole year talking about how he was there every night, well why can’t he bring this every night then? It would only help him immensely if he did.

In fact never has Cena had such an open chance to change his style up a bit then now. And he must jump on the opportunity immediately. Imagine if Cena brought some real edge to Raw and became a take no prisoner’s kind of guy.

Or what if he went the route of Shawn Michaels, hating everything around him because all he wants is a rematch. Or, just for the sake of it, imagine if he turned heel, there’s just so many ways he can go that it’s would be extremely disappointing if he just went back to his regular character that he’s been for the past 5 years.

The loss helps him greatly for his overall image as well.

All the greats lose to someone great at some point in a big match. The Rock, Austin, HBK, Hart, Hogan, Flair, HHH, Jericho and Undertaker, although not at WrestleMania, have all lost big epic matches. One of the reasons people look at The Rock differently is because he did lose to Austin. He did lose to Lesnar and Jericho and Orton and Batista (albeit together).

A loss makes you great, especially when you take one from a great opponent, be it a legend or current or rising star.

It brings you back down to earth. It humanizes you and allows you to try again.

Cena and Rock put on an excellent match that had many highs and a number of great spots. Both men updated their arsenal and the pins had people on the edge of their seats. Both men deserve respect for that show as men who were willing to perform for the crowd and they both certainly have mine.

To all the people saying it’s bad for business, please give me a business explanation and not a personal one. How about I give you one? Like I mentioned before, Cena losing allows for change. If Cena and the WWE capitalize on his change then suddenly that allows for new angles and new merchandise, and more importantly, more ratings as people will tune in to see what happens.

Don’t believe me? Look at the Nexus angle at the beginning. Changes in character have almost always been good for business, and they usually happen after one of three things, a re-debut, a major cheating win or a major clean loss.

To all those who are saying Cena jobbed to The Rock. Let’s just put it this way—you’re not jobbing when you get a full half hour in the main event on the biggest stage of them all. You job when you lose in 18 seconds in the first match, but not for 30 minutes in the main event.

To all those who say they're done with the WWE, and wont watch anymore because of the outcome of this excellent match, you’ll be back, most likely just in time for Raw.

To all the people who hate the outcome…tough, rise above hate.