Bill Cowher: Legendary Steelers Coach May Never Return to NFL Sidelines

Clint EvansCorrespondent IApril 2, 2012

'The Chin' shall never again don a headset.
'The Chin' shall never again don a headset.Nick Laham/Getty Images

Bill Parcells considering a coaching return with the New Orleans Saints had me thinking of another former head coach sharing his same first name. When the 2012 NFL season begins it will have been six years since the man affectionately known as "The Chin" patrolled NFL sidelines.

Every off-season seems to bring a repetitious chain of events surrounding Bill Cowher. NFL franchise fires head coach, NFL fan base lobbies for Bill Cowher, NFL fan base is disappointed when Cowher announces he's not on the market for another off-season. 

Cowher has been quoted saying “Let me tell you, if there’s any doubt, then there’s no doubt you’re not ready to come back. You have to be all in to take that job." So why isn't Cowher ready 'all-in' for a return to the pro game?

Cowher isn't desperate for money, and he won his Superbowl ring in 2005. With those two variables in place it's likely that this one foot in, one foot out dance will continue until the perfect situation comes along.

Perfect jobs in the NFL are hard to come by. Organizations don't often need to replace the head coach when everything else is in place. The only jobs available are typically complete rebuild jobs, and Cowher's language over the past few years seems to communicate that he's never going to be interested in stepping into one of those situations.

Unless a team who is a player or two away ends up firing their head coach (Norv Turner and the Chargers, anyone?) or another team like the New Orleans Saints are forced to dismiss their leader permanently, we've seen Bill Cowher coach his final NFL game.

It seems that we're all set on a triumphant return of one of the games' greatest coaches. With every day that passes, I'm more certain that it's long odds. And on the small chance we do see Cowher return, it's not a lock that he would have success in today's game. The league today is a different animal than the one that saw Cowher teams pound the football to a 149-90-1 regular season record.

We might get Bill Parcells back for a season in New Orleans, but I'll go on record stating that we'll never see Bill Cowher coach again.