TNA's New Superstar Suicide Is a Joke

GregCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

Am I the only person who thinks that TNA's new character for Frankie Kazarian aka Kaz is a little odd?

Suicide? Seriously?

I don't know if you remember a certain masked superstar named Curry Man. Take off the mask, and you have one of TNA's greatest talents, Christopher Daniels.

Why hide true talent under a masked man who wears curry on his head? Thank god they got rid of him.

Remember when Eric Young was "Super Eric"? That was ridiculous.

The only good masked superstars that I can remember are Kane and the Hurricane.

Back to the real topic here.

Suicide is a joke. He is a video game character. He rides into the ring and takes out anybody who is in there. He's being treated like a superhero.

Why take out Kaz when he was just getting a real reputation as a number one contender for any number of championships? This was a bad idea on the TNA management's part.

But hey, I'm just sayin'.