Ranger Nation Memo to Tom Renney: Scratch Yourself

Ranger NationCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2009

 And I am not talking about the good type of scratching either when you first wake up in the morning.

Another questionable "coaching" decision by Renney as Sam Weinman is stating that he is scratching Petr Prucha and Lauri Korpikoski in order to install Aaron Voros and Dan Fritsche into the lineup.

Putting Fritsche into this lineup I am all for but not at the price of sitting two players whose intensity and play have jump started a few other players. Voros in my mind is a complete waste of a roster space and his time in the limelight disappeared months ago after his fluke of a start.

If anyone needs to sit on this team it's Scott Gomez or even the "coach" himself.

New lineup

Markus Naslund-Scott Gomez-Ryan Callahan
Nigel Dawes-Chris Drury-Dan Fritsche
Aaron Voros-Brandon Dubinsky-Nikolai Zherdev
Fredrik Sjostrom-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

Ranger Nation lineup

Nikolai Zherdev-Brandon Dubinsky-Ryan Callahan
Markus Naslund-Chris Drury-Fredrik Sjostrom
Petr Prucha-Dan Fritsche-Lauri Korpikoski
Aaron Voros-Blair Betts-Colton Orr

If you are going to mix up the lines at least put players that will complement each other. What do you have to lose? The Rangers aren't gaining anything with the lines Renney rolls out anyway.

Give it a chance, "coach."