Boy, Time Sure Does Fly!

Mark BenderCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

It is hard to imagine that it is less than one month before the Pitchers and Catcher report to spring training camp.  I personally "lost interest" in baseball after the Angels were beaten by the Red Sox.  I was able to spend time on an "Open Source" project that I'm leading the Documentation Team on, Go to some Ducks games, Build a few websites, and most importantly, spend some time with my family.

To most of the "die hard" Angels fans, the lack of being "able to pull the trigger" has been surprising to the majority of us.  Maybe there is still time to "replace" what Mark Teixeira added to Angels is his brief time with them.

I feel like I have "baseball fever" coming on, so I'm looking forward to writing more articles.