Miguel Cotto vs. Floyd Mayweather: Cinco De Mayo Will Be 'Cinco De Mayweather'

Ja DawsonCorrespondent IApril 6, 2012

Mayweather over Cotto
Mayweather over CottoJeff Gross/Getty Images

When Floyd Mayweather (42-0, 26 KO's) moves up to 154 pounds to fight Miguel Cotto (37-2, 30 KO's) on May 5, we may was well rename the day "Cinco de Mayweather." If you are a Mayweather fan, this fight promises to be a showcase for your man's array of considerable skills.

The advantages in favor of Mayweather are more than considerable. 

Advantage: Mayweather

"Pretty Boy" aka "Money" Mayweather's biggest advantage, as is usually the case, will be his fast-twitch muscles. To be more specific, he's got a huge advantage in speed of foot and hand.

In terms of defense, Mayweather also gets the nod. He seemingly has the more steady chin (witness the shots he took from Shane Mosley in their fight) and definitely has the better, tighter defense. To say that Cotto gets hit easily would be kind.

The intangibles of conditioning and ring generalship also favor Mayweather. While Cotto often fades late in his fights, Mayweather tends to dominate more as a fight progresses. That's extremely bad news for Cotto. "Money May" is perhaps the best "ring general" in the game today. Cotto is a competent ring general, but he is not on Mayweather's level in this department.

Advantage: Coto

Cotto's best shot in this fight is to have his naturally heavier hands crack Mayweather's chin. Mayweather has some pop, but I favor Cotto in terms of power. Cotto is shorter (by an inch) and has shorter arms (by five inches). But don't let that fool you. He's the stockier, and naturally stronger man in this fight, especially with it taking place at 154 pounds. Mayweather has very deceptive strength, which I expect to see on display here, but not enough to give him the nod in this category.

Let's Call It Even

Although the fight is taking place in Mayweather's adopted hometown of Las Vegas, NV, Cotto will have his fair share of fans at the MGM Grand on May 5. I see no true advantage for either boxer in terms of the fight locale. Both fighters have fought a "who's who" of boxers. For a period a time, Cotto seemed to be facing stiffer competition than Mayweather, but more recently it seems to be the other way around. Overall, both men have faced similarly stout competition for the balance of their Hall of Fame careers.

The verdict

Because of his significant advantages in defense, speed and ring generalship as well as his underrated power and unparalleled conditioning, Floyd Mayweather will dominate Miguel Cotto and stop him by Round 10 (possibly on cuts or due to Cotto's failure to answer the bell).