WWE Opinion: Is CM Punk Too Smart to Be a Long-Term WWE Champion?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIIApril 9, 2012

Source: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/cm-punk/images/28986881/title/champion-photo
Source: http://www.fanpop.com/spots/cm-punk/images/28986881/title/champion-photo

Since June 2011, CM Punk has become the antihero of WWE due to his unforgettable promo on Raw, in which he spoke his mind of the current state of WWE.

The promo has since become one of his most famous and popular promos.

His words echoed what many fans had been feeling for years. And although at the time, he was criticizing the fans for fueling the company’s success; he ended up becoming one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE and is the current WWE Champion.

Punk built himself a reputation on the independent wrestling scene before signing with WWE, but that does not count for much when it comes to joining WWE.

Punk was adamant on doing things his way once he joined the company. He did not want to change his move set, nor did he want to change his wrestling name or persona, and unless you are best friends with the right person in the company, it is rare to get the chance to do things your way.

Wouldn't it be perfect if you could always have a say in your job and do things your way rather than what your boss wants?

Most people have at some point in their life worked for someone they dislike or who under-appreciates them. Some people suck it up and get on with it, whereas others simply won’t stand for it and speak their mind.

This is the person that CM Punk represents in WWE.

He is the antihero in WWE, who stands up to his boss and says and does all the things he's not supposed to. He is the Attitude Era's equivalent to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The fans love and respect him not only for his attitude but also because he is smart.

Punk knows exactly what the fans think of him and every other wrestler in the company and industry. Punk is no fool, and he certainly won’t bow to Vince and respond to every request he demands.

Punk may have a passion for the wrestling industry but he also has his own voice, and as much as he loves the industry, he won’t change himself to be a success.

He wants to be a success on his terms, because he knows he doesn't fit the typical WWE mold of what is expected—or what it takes—to become a WWE Champion. He does not conform to establishment. He is exactly what he says he is—the antihero in a company where success is up to backstage politics.

If he's so against conformity and establishment, then why would he want to work in the biggest wrestling company in the world? Why doesn't he just stay on the independent wrestling scene?

Punk does not see it that way though; he wants to be in WWE to make a difference and have a lasting impact in WWE and the wrestling industry. He’s there to prove a point and does not want to leave until he has done exactly that.

But has CM punk become too much of an anti-hero to be a lengthy champion?

CM Punk may not fit the mold for the typical WWE poster boy like John Cena, but the Attitude Era was run by the anti-heroes, who stood up for what they believed and wanted.

It’s almost as if Punk is a generation late in WWE, but instead of wallowing, he has used it to his advantage to become the top dog in WWE.

However, Punk’s success is not just down to him being the anti-hero or anti-Cena, but it is also due to his intelligence.

Not only is Punk intelligent, but he does not—and never has been—shy about expressing his mind, much like Chris Jericho.

Is Punk to smart to be a long-term WWE Champion?

The answer simply is no. If anything his level of intelligence and sense of individuality give him the edge that the fans love. And if the fans love him and attend the shows to see him, then Vince is happy.

Not only do the fans want Punk to be the WWE Champion, but Punk deserves it. He’s one of the best all-around superstars WWE has and maybe one of the best of all time.