Why Not Ben Sheets?

Joel HebdaContributor IJanuary 21, 2009

Why not Ben Sheets, Mr. Doug Melvin?

Why are you just saying the door is open for him to come back, but not making an offer to our ace for many years?  It seems quite obvious that other teams do not want him all that much since he has yet to even receive an offer. 

It seems he could be had at 8 million for one year with some incentives so that he can prove he is healthy and go out and test a very weak free agent market next year.  But why aren't the Milwaukee Brewers offering him a contract when it could be so easy to get him?  Why aren't they when our people in the front office say that they want to keep winning now?

Our starting rotation right now appears to be Yovani Gallardo, Dave Bush, Manny Parra, Jeff Suppan, and Seth McClung.  Even with our offense I do not see that being a bunch able to make a playoff run.  Gallardo will be an ace, but he is not quite there yet.  With his bad luck with injuries, he has not yet been able to steadily build up the number of innings he throws every year, so I am guessing that they will have him on a decently strict count this year. 

But I am confident that he will have a good year, and am hoping that he will not hit a wall this year.  The guy has won me over after coming back like he did at the end of last year, and absolutely lighting up the radar gun even with the condition of his knee.

I see Bush being our No. 2 right now, especially after I saw his numbers in the second half of last year.  He quietly dominated hitters going 7-3 with an ERA of 3.23.  He has yet to put all that potential that people see in him into a full year though.  It seems as though experts peg him to have a break out year only to be disappointed yet again.  He is the victim of giving up the long ball and having one bad inning.  But I can think of much worse problems to have.

The first time I saw Manny Parra pitch, I wanted him to be in our rotation for a long time.  He throws very hard for a lefty, and has three solid pitches and even can mix in a change up effectively.  He needs to find ways to get deeper into games though, and has some control issues to deal with.  But when he was moved to the pen at the end of the season, he pitched in the second to the last game of the season I think, and was ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.  I expect huge strides for Parra this year.

I really don't even want to talk about Suppan.  He hasn't even come close to performing the way he should with the amount we are paying him.  He is a good veteran leader on the team, and he can pitch quality innings sometimes, but he just isn't what he used to be.  Well not even that.  He isn't the pitcher that he was in the Cardinals run to the World Series. 

That was the only time he pitched that well, so why did we give him that much money?  I really think Doug Melvin just wanted to show that he could improve the team and were willing to spend money.  But again, I could think of a lot worse thing that could have happened, like getting someone like Carlos Silva perhaps.

Seth McClung continues to develop from just a guy who could throw hard.  He still throws hard, but now he can actually locate the area code of home plate.  His curve is nasty, but he really needs to develop another pitch.  It amazes me that a guy who can throw that hard cannot move his fingers a quarter of an inch, and then you have a cutter or sinker. 

Ideally though, we need Ben Sheets.  He gives us a true ace that if healthy, can simply dominate.  That would allow us to move McClung to the bullpen to give us a solid reliever and more depth at a needed position.  We need Ben Sheets, Doug Melvin!