Willie Martinez to Stay at Georgia

BernieCorrespondent IJanuary 22, 2009

First of all, I have no direct facts to support that headline. But in my 30 (ahem!) years, I have only been wrong about 10 things. 

Ever. Stand in line, Dawg fans...for your cold shower in reality.

While we try to hear the phone ring in Butts-Mehre today from a call way down in Coral Gables, let's take a big step back. 

Watch your step! Don't trip over my desperate Visor research. It's a big mutha!

There you go. OK...

The only person to mention Willie Martinez's name in relation to the defensive coordinator's position at Miami is a Miami Herald writer. When prompted for names, Hurricane head coach Randy Shannon gave no names, other than his own, as a possibility.

How'd that feel? Here's another wave coming...

If that phone does indeed ring and ol' Coach Willie gets an offer covered in ibis feathers, there are three people in control of the situation at that point. The captain, engineer, and cruise director on a luxury cruise ship, if you will. 

You and I...we're more like Ed and Ethel Peters from Cincinnati. Involved, but on the periphery; out on the shuffleboard deck, not inside the control room.

Coach Mark Richt wants to keep Martinez. Rest assured he will make a play to do so. He went to bat for Garner and Searels, and they got paid! He'll do the same for his friend and defensive coordinator.

Enter Damon Evans, UGA Athletic Director. 

Right now, the only coach assured of more than one year's salary from UGA is Richt himself. Miami may offer two to Martinez if they really want him, subsequently backing Evans into a corner.

Evans could counter and keep his head coach happy. You know...show some support. He could also stand pat and placate the die-hard fan from Marietta who knows all there is to know about running defenses, and Willie needs to go, goshdarnit! 

And either way, ol' Coach Willie could decide he's happy in Athens, where even a one-year contract is more secure than a two-year one under Randy Shannon. Heck, even more secure than a 10-year contract.

So I guess Hurricane Willie could be quickly downgraded to a tropical depression.

Question is, would you still enjoy the offseason cruise...?

If Willie is contacted, interviewed for, and offered the position that Randy Shannon needs to fill, I would not be surprised. However, if all that happens and he accepts the position, then that would be just the 11th thing I've been wrong about in my life.

The others, you ask?

  1. I was 12 years old and told my neighbor I could ride my 10-speed down suicide hill. I only made it halfway.
  2. Back in '86 when I told my younger brother he could not eat that plate full of jalapenos without drinking any water until the next morning. He was eight, stubborn, and REALLY wanted that broken microscope.
  3. The answer to the fourth question on Coach Watson's pop quiz in 12th grade was actually, "C. Papua New Guinea."
  4. That one night in February my junior year at UGA when I had a term paper due at 7:50am the next morning and there was a 20 percent chance of snow overnight. I rolled the dice on snow and canceled classes. Came up craps!
  5. The next night downtown, when I said we should order ONE more pitcher. (OK, this one could be applied more than once...but it's my blawg—sue me.)
  6. When Al Gore said he invented the Internet and I believed him. Later learned it was Tim Tebow.
  7. In August of 2000 at the annual Atlanta Bulldog Club meeting when Donnan made his guaran-damn-tee and exclaimed, "We're gonna get it done!"...and I clapped.
  8. That one time when I told Jennifer that I had indeed locked the front door. Oops! Sorry Honey.
  9. The time I agreed to go to the Fox and see Cats. (Honey...we're even.)
  10. And that one time I told Nama it was ON like Donkey Kong with Wii Olympics. Even holding nunchuks, I am no Michael Phelps.

So there you have it. Argue with me if you think there'll be an 11th anytime soon. But I say the dominoes fall short on this one.

Willie's a Dawg!


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