Tom DeBlass vs. Cyrille Diabate: What We Learned from UFC on Fuel TV 2

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IApril 14, 2012

Pictured: Cyrille Diabate. Photo courtesy of
Pictured: Cyrille Diabate. Photo courtesy of

Cyrille Diabate spoiled undefeated Tom DeBlass' UFC debut, and defeated him via majority decision.

DeBlass won the first round easily by securing a takedown and maintaining top control—though he did very little actual damage.

In the second, Diabate decided to play the grappling game rather than focusing on his kickboxing, and it worked out for him.

From there, both men secured takedowns, but Diabate did damage from the top. DeBlass did not.

What we'll remember about this fight:

Not much.

It was a solid, competitive matchup, but it wasn't particularly action-packed or fast paced. And it was a grinding fight, which don't tend to stick in people's heads.

What we learned about Tom DeBlass:

He's one dimensional and has issues with his gas tank.

What we learned about Cyrille Diabate:

He's capable of adjusting his game plan on the spot.

Diabate came in looking to strike, and then realized strategy wasn't going to work against the grappling of DeBlass. He made some on-the-spot changes, and it worked beautifully for him.

What's next for Tom DeBlass:

Nick Penner would make sense.

What's next for Cyrille Diabate:

A matchup with Fabio Maldonado or Igor Pokrajac seems likely.

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