Mr. and Mrs. Varitek Part Ways..MYOB!

Todd CivinSenior Writer IJanuary 23, 2009

"In sickness and health, for richer or poorer, til death do us part" has become synonymous with "The check is in the mail," "Your dress looks lovely, Mom," "I'll get right back to you," and "I won't co...." (not going there).

In a society that throws away razors when they are dull instead of sharpening them, finances a new car every 2.3 years, buys new jeans with holes in them and throws away old jeans with holes in them, Jason and Karen Varitek go to mediation today and mark the unofficial end to their 12-year marriage.

Divorce today has become as common as marriage in nearly 60 percent of all adult couples. A-rod and Cynthia, Tom and Rosanne, Tom and Katie, Liz and Michael, Conrad, Eddie, Richard, Richard (again), John, and Larry have managed to muck up their lives more than a dozen times.

As sports fans, why do we feel the need to stick our nose into the personal lives of our hero's?

Do we not have enough interest in our own lives? Is my life so filled with harmony that I feel the need to live vicariously through the negative emotion that Jason Varitek is experiencing? Does my team somehow gain a competitive edge in me knowing that A-Rod is jaw-to-jaw with his wife tonight instead of with Durwood Merrill?

Yesterday, on radio station WEEI, Dale Arnold, skated dangerously close to the level of shock jock, when he hypothesized that the Captain was delaying his contract signing until after today's mediation.

Though, he never went so far as to accuse Varitek of such Tom Foolery, he also never went so far as to dismiss it. An article I read this week on Bleacher Report, by D.D. Harding, stated, "We are all Journalistic Virgins...(we need to) remember to be responsible...Be diligent and be truthful."

Though hardly a media virgin, Arnold chose to create a stir by making such an irresponsible statement about Varitek's modus operandi for not signing the Red Sox offer, which is allegedly being discussed. Arnold implied that while the Varitek's are splitting up their furniture, Varitek is purposely leaving his contract offer on the table.

As fanatic Pit Bulls, we feel we have earned the right to tease Wade about Margo, taunt Jim Eisenrich about his battles with Tourette's Syndrome, know that Jason Kidd beat his wife or be privy to the Varitek's divorce negotiations.

I do not condone any of these behaviors. I so wish that our society was pure, pristine, and filled with fantasy. It isn't. I simply wish that while we are polishing the windows to our own glass houses, we could refrain from peaking in the windows of the Varitek's.