Brett Favre: Coming Back?

Kris Carlson@kriscarlson08Correspondent IFebruary 29, 2008

People say that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are the best QB's out there.  I beg to differ. In my opinion there is only one quarterback that's the best. He is the one and only Brett Favre.

He is the Ironman from Lambeau, who hasn't missed a game in 253 starts. That shows true love for the game. This man has made history this past season by setting records of:

  • most completions by a quarterback
  • most touchdowns by a quarterback
  • most passing yards by a quarterback
  • most consecutive starts by any player
  • most interceptions (one he didn't want)

Even though the last record isn't one to be proud of, Favre is still in the record books.  I know that there are still players out there that have chances to break many of Favre's records, but the one that will probably will remain unbroken for many seasons to come is the most consecutive starts.

Most players worry about making the big play, and they put their bodies on the line to make that play. Favre does what he needs to do to either make the big play, or choose the play that is just enough for the first down.

Even though he hasn't made his decision about coming back to the NFL, in my eyes Brett Favre is the best quarterback of this decade. If Favre does retire I want to say congratulations on such a great 2007 season.