Divas Treated Like Dirt, No Tag Team Love, WWE Creative Is Anything but Creative

Barry SaundersContributor IIIApril 18, 2012

It's been a long, a long time coming

But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

Sam Cooke

I have been a pro wrestling fan since I was 12 or so. My granddad used to watch it Saturday mornings, and I was hooked from day one. I have seen them come and go. Bret Hart, Hogan, the not so Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Sting, Flair and the Horsemen.

I have seen the great (Flair, HBK, Undertaker), and the not so great (Johnny Clown Shoes, Santino). I have seen cage matches, strap matches, and lingerie matches.

But what I have not seen lately is creativity.

What WWE is missing, is the same drive, spectacle and creativity we saw during the war with WCW. While WrestleMania was tremendous, WWE seems determined to meander along at times. WWE seems determined to give us the same old thing week in and week out, and frankly…I am getting tired of it.

For instance…Big Brodus Clay. That big man and the Booty Twins are a great trio. The crowds give him a good pop, and he has potential. Yet…have we not seen this before...he comes to the ring…beats down an opponent in about a minute, and then dances away without a care in the world.

Cool…but when is he gonna give me some substance?  Why is it no matter who the guy/gal is…they have a series of squash matches, then a feud…and then we may/may not ever see them again?

Where is Jinder Mahal? Here is a guy with potential, and he is here one day, and then gone the next like disco. What is up with Hunico and his boy? What, he can only feud with Sin Cara, or maybe they are waiting for Rey Mysterio to come back. So why not use him in the meanwhile?

Why can’t he and Camacho challenge Epico and Primo? They could start off cool, but soon after an alliance is formed, Hunico makes a move on Rosa, and it makes one or both of the tag champs mad, and bang, bang we have a feud.

And what in the hell is up with the Divas division? TNA just had a pay per view where the sexy and talented Gail Kim along with the succulent Velvet Sky had a tremendous match full of high flying moves.

If the WWE did the same match…it would have lasted what two…maybe three minutes, and why? Why is Gail even in TNA when she could be a trainer or a champion in WWE?

Wonder why Beth Phoenix has no competition…because all the good female wrestlers who were once in WWE are now in TNA because creative could not create a place for them. So Johnny Clown Shoes showed them the door, while wishing them well in their future endeavors.

Winter…Mickie…Gail… all in TNA and they could all wrestle. What about Maryse, and Melina…victims of what…not being utilized by Creative? So now…we do not get to see Maryse sashay sexily down the ramp, or Melina do that amazing split on the apron. No…instead we get Natalya fart jokes and an under-utilized yet talented Diva Champion in Beth.

Should I even go there with the fact the tag team division is almost nonexistent? What about the inexplicable popularity of friggin' Santino? Why is Khali teaming with Big Show, when the man can barely walk and you have a young stud like Ryback waiting to be unleashed?

Why are Dolph Ziggler, the Miz and other talented guys losing their spot on TV? Why the hell is R-Truth being utilized as a comedy routine when the man can flat-out go when allowed? And why the hell was Daniel Bryan relegated to a 18-second match at WrestleMania when he and Sheamus could have torn the house down too?


 And where the hell is Husky Harris?

High food and gas prices, along with poor leadership from politicians on state and federal levels…now I gotta deal with unimaginative writers at WWE? A brotha can only take so much…

The current wrestling rumor is that the WWE has postponed or even canceled the draft. Why…I will tell you why…creative has no idea of what to do. The last draft was garbage, and was ruined by the RAW Supershow which only goes one way, for RAW gets SmackDown guys, but not the other way around.

Now Big Brock is here, wearing MMA gear, and about to beat the holy hell out of Cena…then what? Will he disappear until the next WrestleMania, or will creative make him have a farting angle too?

There is no reason why WWE cannot be the true industry leader it is. They say they want to legitimize WWE, so why not do just that…

Be innovative, by having heels feud against heels, and face vs. face on a regular basis. Why can’t Beth slam a diva through a table, or have a steel cage match? Let’s have Daniel Bryan just walk around pissed off at the word, putting the Yes Lock on folks in the locker room just because.  

Why can’t Eve start a stable of young studs who do her bidding in hopes of tapping that booty? And why in the hell is Santino still US Champion? I keep looking to see a flying pig every time that fool walks out with a belt once worn by the likes of Magnum TA, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat.

Look…I will watch WWE programs, simply because it keeps me sane, especially when there is no Monday Night Football, or anything worthwhile to watch on a Friday. But…and I say this with all due respect…I would rather watch a program because it is consistently (operative word here) good, instead of watching it just because.

Creative…like SpongeBob once said…use your Imagination…and come up with some new stuff!