And...We Are Back

Colin KeysContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

Well, it seems that I have been slacking off and not follow the world of sports like I should, and for that I hope I can be forgiven.

Well let's talk about some topics. First, some new from the NFL that hits me a little close to home. As of Friday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs had fired Herm Edwards and were looking to hire former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan as their coach.

First, while I could see why the Chiefs would want to hire Shanahan, but with the Hunt family still running the Chiefs, I feel this is one team that should follow the Rooney Rule and make sure that they have interviewed a minority candidate in their coaching search.

There are a number of minority candidates that should be looked at, for starters, Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, who is one of the top Hispanic coaches in the NFL right.

What about former NFL coach Dennis Green? He has done great coaching jobs with troubled players. In addition to minority candidates, what about coaches like Dallas offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, a young coach, a coach you could build around, or Former Tampa head Coach, John "Chucky" Gruden, anyone of these coaches would be a great choice.

Do I think Shanahan would be a great coach? Yes, but I don't want to see him in the AFC West.

As we get closer to the spring it can only mean one thing...Baseball season is around the corner!

Now, this is the first time that Big C has talked about baseball, and I want to say loud, well loud for Internet blogging, that I am...a...Washington Nationals fan...yes, the former Expos, turn Nationals, I am a fan.

While you might think this is tough living in Denver,and it can be at times, but thankfully the internet is around to keep me up on all the comings and goings (and right now there are a lot of goings).  This offseason the Nationals hoped to bring in a player that they could have as the long time face of the team.

Having lost out to the Evil Empire in the lottery to pick up Mark Teixeira, many fans hoped they would sign either Orlando Hudson or Adam Dunn, the only two major hitting free agents left on the market. As of today, the Nationals have yet to make a move to bring in either of these players.

According to some, myself included, Dunn and Hudson are both asking for too much from any of the teams that are looking at them. Hopefully this means that either one of these players can come in and make a contribution to a team that is still trying to find an image.

With the state of the economy in this country, even the once recession proof industry of sports is suffering, which means that players are going to have to take pay cuts as well, or they won't be playing at all. The only team that seems to be able to offer huge contacts are the New York Yankees.

With the huge signings they have made, and the whining that has come from the Knicks and Stephan Marbury make me wonder if these huge contracts have really taken athletes completely out of reality, while some people are evicted from houses, NBA players are whining about the contract they have and how they can't get by on what they are making.

People are out of jobs, and players like Anquan Bolden are whining about how he didn't get the ball in the fourth quarter of his teams win over the Eagles to take them to the Super Bowl. Have the past few years really skewed how people think and how the view the world?

With the Super Bowl next weekend, we will be forced to say goodbye to another football season, but, don't worry guys, pitchers and catchers report in 18 days...So we have that to look forward to.

Until next time...

Big C