Are The Pittsburgh Steelers the New "America's Team" With Super Bowl Win?

Eddie RossellCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

If the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLIII, they will have won their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history and be the only team to have reached that number. Four Super Bowls in the 70's and two more in the 00's (that is, if they beat Arizona, of course).

A Super Bowl victory also means they would pass the Cowboys and the 49ers, who both have five, and could be considered the best football franchise in NFL history. And let's face it the 49ers, aren't winning another championship for a while and Dallas hasn't won a playoff game since the mid-90's.

But right now the Dallas Cowboys are said to be "America's Team." Almost everyone has heard this title before, but why? Why are they considered "America's Team."

What makes them better than say the Steelers, or the 49ers, or any other team in the league for that matter.

They all have history, whether it's good or bad, Dallas just has more Super Bowls than 29 other NFL teams. I never understood why they were the representative of American football.

There is no doubt Dallas has a great history. They have had numerous Pro Bowlers and Hall of Famers throughout the years. But recently they have not been the Cowboys of the past.

They haven't won a playoff game in years, didn't even make the playoffs this year, and have had tons of distractions. Is that really what we want in "America's Team"?

Could it be, that the only reason the Cowboys are considered "America's Team" is because of their cheerleaders? Their cheerleaders had calendars and posters and all kinds of merchandise when the title of "America's Team" first started.

They were the big thing and so many people began to like the team. They even have their own TV show, how much publicity do the Dallas Cowboys want?

I'm not trying to put down the Cowboys, they are a good team. But in my opinion, the Steelers are just a better representative of what American football is about and if they win on Feb. 1 it will just help my opinion.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have 22 Hall of Famers who have either played for, coached, or owned the team. Nine of which were from the 1970s alone.

The Rooneys have always owned the team, and it will be a while before they give it up. Art and Dan Rooney are in the Hall of Fame.

And the Rooney family even has a rule named after them that almost everyone knows, the Rooney Rule, which requires teams to interview minority coaches for open coaching positions.

The Steelers have never tolerated distractions or controversy. When Plaxico Burress started all of his crap; missing practice, doing all kinds of things that distracted the team away from football, the Steelers just said "bye" and got rid of him.

The Cowboys do the exact opposite. Dallas thrives on controversy and their players being in the news for non-football related things.

They knowingly sign people who have had past issues like Terrell Owens who seems to have two personalities recently, one likes Tony Romo and cries for him, the other accuses him of playing favorites.

They sign players like Adam "Pacman" Jones who can't go to a strip club without getting charged with a criminal act.

These types of players get into trouble with the public and the media, then Jerry Jones and the Cowboys coddle them if they are a star player.

The title of America's Team shouldn't be given to the most popular team. The title should be given to the team who best represents America.

And the Steelers and their fans are the best representation of America and the city of Pittsburgh. Steelers fans do not care about a nickname. We don't want the "America's Team" moniker, but we are a much better fit for it than the Dallas Cowboys.


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