South Carolina Football: Tanner McEvoy Has Potential, But Hold Your Horses

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IApril 20, 2012

I see you over there, Team McEvoy.  Since the young quarterback/athlete signed with South Carolina in 2011, the "Tanner McEvoy for starting quarterback" train has left the station.

A solid spring game and great spring practices have the train now heading full speed ahead with the destination "Connor Shaw, No. 2 quarterback" set in its sights. 

It's time to apply some breaks. 

Setting aside for just a moment the fact that Shaw is a legitimate SEC starter and has the potential to be great, McEvoy still has a long way to go to challenge for the starting spot.

As of right now, he's the clear-cut No. 3. 

He's got a great arm and showed accuracy in the spring game, but his mechanics still look off.  He's not as well-versed in the offense as either Shaw or Dylan Thompson, who also had a solid spring.

Tanner has a great quarterback build.  He's tall, built and mobile.  He's also woefully inexperienced and raw. 

With the potential for a great season ahead, do you really want the team in the hands of a player who was a wide receiver just two seasons ago?

He's got worlds of potential.  He's got loads of athleticism and a keen intelligence.  The players like him, and he's very coachable. 

But, come on. 

Team McEvoy needs to give it a rest for now.  I'm not saying it doesn't belong in this world—there should be a Team McEvoy, just like there should be a Team Shaw.  But it should be called "Team Gamecock."

Even if McEvoy plays lights-out in practice or—God forbid, because this would only happen due to injury to Shaw—games, Brendon Nosovitch is coming next year, who has the same athleticism and comes with more polish. 

The point is, he's going to have to work. 

Instead of backing your favorite quarterback prospect, take solace in the fact that the quarterback that leads the team into battle has beaten out every other legitimate threat to his position. 

There will be at least three quality quarterbacks on next year's roster.  But for now, leave the keys to the car in Shaw's more-than-capable hands.  There is no telling how far the current starter can drive the team.