El Clasico 2012: 3 Reasons Why Real Madrid Will Still Win La Liga If They Lose

Paul PadillaContributor IIIApril 20, 2012

Victory, Goals, La Liga Crown
Victory, Goals, La Liga CrownDenis Doyle/Getty Images

Real Madrid can lose to Barçelona and still win La Liga. Examining the accumulated body of the season and the remaining schedule and stats, we can make sense of this. 

Plus, it'd be just a shame for Real Madrid to not win anything this year with the year Cristiano Ronaldo is having.  



Including El Clasico, Real Madrid has five remaining games against teams they thus far have an accumulated 3-1-1 record against. Barça meanwhile has a 4-0-1 record with their remaining opponents. If the same results hold, Real Madrid will win La Liga by a point. Same holds true if they simply win out.

Mathematically, so far, so good.



We can make the case for goals. The more goals you the score, the better chance you have of winning, right? When Cristiano Ronaldo is breaking his own goal-scoring records, the chances of said team winning are high. Real Madrid has led La Liga for quite some time.

Their 78 to 72 goal differential vs Barçelona is enough for them to stay ahead. Again, they could lose 5-0 vs Barça in El Clasico, but if the remaining games are as I expect, there should be no problem in outscoring Barça the rest of the season, and in turn, win all their remaining games.






I've been alluding to it all article: Cristiano Ronaldo has been unstoppable this year. By my estimations, in 33 La Liga games, he's only failed to score 10 times. Effective.

There's no question that in one specific game, stats don't matter. We all know señors Messi, Xavi, and Iñiesta will have something to say in El Clasico. But that's not what I'm worried about.

Am I sure that CR7 will have a goal-fest vs. Barça? No. 

Am I sure that CR7 will continue his record-breaking goal scoring throughout the rest of the La Liga campaign? Yes. Numbers don't lie.



A famous win at the Camp Nou would be amazing. A hard fought draw would be splendid.

A loss would not be a travesty. La Liga will still be Real Madrid's this year.

The trophy is what matters, in the end.