New Jersey Nets: Do Not Hit the Panic Button

Stephen DyellCorrespondent IApril 21, 2012

Stay or go? Nets should not go all in.
Stay or go? Nets should not go all in.Chris Chambers/Getty Images

The New Jersey Nets must not panic.

With yet another offseason of anticipation in order for the team heading across the river, the big question is the decision of a general manager and a star point guard.

The latter of the two has full control over the summer. Whether it’s in Brooklyn, Dallas or even playing with the Harlem Globetrotters, Deron Williams will get paid where he wants.

Billy King, on the other hand, must work.

Work must be done to convince an individual that this team wants to win. Promotion of such promise is hard to press as the team sits at the bottom of the Conference in an injury-riddled season will be a difficult task in a summer of mediocre free agents.

The swing and miss of the flip-flopping Dwight Howard has had fans on the edge of their seat, but now remain lying on a couch, watching the final games of the regular season finish out with hopes losses a top-three pick.

With the despair comes a slight positive, as it could be much worse.

A summer of losing a king and his merry men, we entered the era of outlaws. Contracts that would make Donald Trump frown brought wasted cap space and a gigantic step in the wrong direction.

After deciding not to build off youth for Brooklyn with just a season-and-a-half til the move, the Nets sent youth for a disgruntled superstar with a contract set to expire before Jay-Z hits the stage.

Next year's home will have plenty of promise.
Next year's home will have plenty of promise.Andrew Burton/Getty Images

The high risk reward has created a buzz for a New York takeover, but bigger mistakes than losing their brand-name marketing star. The Nets also have Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries and the fragile Damion James, who was in many rumors of a roster cut.

The potential to have given away three straight first-round picks may not have an immediate impact to a franchise, but after this summer settles down, the results could be devastating. Thus resulting in the appreciation of what the Nets have grown must be a priority—from a steal in Humphries or the gem they've found in the young Gerald Green.

Money will have a factor with not only those remaining but for those coming. Desire to please Williams may end up with Outlaw-like contracts handed out in panic mode to create a marketing face to Brooklyn.

Mickael Pietrus and Carl Landry are the ones who may see the biggest budgets as teams scramble to match the competition, and with an owner with a big bank account, the results could be deadly.

Deadly in the fact that the No. 8 playing in Newark this season could be entering Brooklyn through the visitors' locker room entrance, but the answer to one players desires is hold off the panic button.

Place money where needed in signing, like the 24-year-old Lopez, while allowing Brooks, James and the possible two rookies grow within rather than the constant threat of trade bait.

Aim for the future rather than building a makeshift squad until Brooklyn, as the moves thus far have been far from beneficial to a squad looking to make an immediate impact in New York. Once they realize this, fans will smile.