WWE News: Edge Surprises John Cena, Tells Him to Wake Up and Beat Brock Lesnar

Michael Nargi@NargOnSportsSenior Analyst IApril 23, 2012

Edge told Cena to be the fighter he was when they had their epic battles.
Edge told Cena to be the fighter he was when they had their epic battles.Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

WWE RAW was all set up for the contract signing between John Cena and Brock Lesnar when John Laurinaitis showed up and informed everyone that Lesnar was going to be late. Laurinaitis told Teddy Long to make Cena leave the ring.

An awkward silence followed before Edge's music rang out and he appeared behind Laurinaitis.

Edge made his entrance to the ring with intentions of convincing Cena that he has no option but to win this match. He told Cena that Cena was not the same man that he used to fight. 

Edge referred to Cena as "My greatest rival ever in this industry" and told him he was no longer acting like the fighter that he had come to know.

He went on to plead with Cena to put the Rock behind him and fight for all of the other wrestlers in the WWE who make WWE their number one priority.

Edge wanted Cena to know that there is no way he can lose this match, but in order to avoid defeat he has to be the Cena that he remembered years ago, "You can't lose, you have to find that John Cena."

Edge ended his speech by telling Cena he needs to beat Lesnar and yelling at him to "wake up."

Edge's speech was one that can be echoed by all the other WWE superstars who have put everything on the line for the industry. 

It was apparent that Cena did not look as confident as he normally does. When he was waiting for Lesnar he appeared timid and reserved. That kind of approach when he faces Lesnar is a recipe for disaster.

Edge is certainly on to something with Cena and perhaps he was able to break through. Hopefully for Cena, his confidence might have been restored as he enters Extreme Rules on Sunday night.