WWE Royal Rumble Review

Sean Tinnelly@@kellansfatherCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

The Royal Rumble is now over.  Randy Orton is the chosen one.  WWE will now promote Wrestlemania 25 with high hopes that Randy Orton can carry the load.  Below is a recap of last nights Royal Rumble with some notes and observations.

Jack Swagger (ECW Champion) vs. Matt Hardy

The Rumble began with this match.  I watched as much of this match as I could.  It had its ups and downs, some good grappling here and there.  I wasn't really impressed.  I would say this match got a 6 out of 10.  When you watch Matt Hardy this is the type of match you get these days.  I do have to say Jack Swagger may have a bright future with this company, but wrestling Matt Hardy night after night wont cut it in my book.  At this point I was not very enthused about the Royal Rumble...


Beth Phoenix (Womens Champion) vs. Melina

This match was very boring.  I was very disappointed with this one.  I am tired of the butch chick gimmick (Glamazon...or whatever that thing is) I expected eye candy...neither of these girls do it for me.  The match became slow, the moves ended up being slow...sure the finish was somewhat impressive...predictable...Santino got more of a pop than either of these two.  Melina won the belt...I don't think anyone cared.  I definitely didn't.  This was the eye candy for the night...great...I give it a 2 out of 10.  C'mon Vince your better than this.  I understand your whole thought of cleaning up your image...but c'mon.


John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. JBL

This was a very good match.  Two of the best going at it.  The storyline was fantastic, I was very impressed with both wrestlers.  Cena got a great pop and the fans were into this one throughout the match.  Shawn Micheals continues to show why he will go down as one of the best in the business.  He had the fans eating out of his hands all night long, and he did not disappoint.  Micheals not only hit JBL with the "Sweet Chin Music" he also rocked Cena as well. 

For a moment I was unsure as the where the storyline would continue with this one.  HBK did what I expected him to do, he put JBL in position to win.  Unfortunately JBL cant see Cena and he was hit with the FU...1..2..3 goodnight.  Great match, I gave it a 9 out of 10.  The fans were into it, and it got me into the PPV.  Again it was introduced with another brilliant package from the WWE productions team.  Excellent, should be fun to see what happens on RAW tonight.


Jeff Hardy (WWE Champion) vs. Edge

So what is Jeff Hardy these days?  Sting? The Crow? One of the guys from Kiss?  I just don't get it.  His gimmick has taken this weird depressing turn, and I just cant connect with it.  I guess this is what kids are into, some guy with a multi-colored hairdo who paints his face, to me he looked like the Ultimate Warrior on heroine.  I don't know, I'm just confused about the whole thing.  What is he trying to get at?  I don't get it.  Jeff Hardy what happened to you man?  I know you have had a rough run bud...but really?  Do you look in the mirror before you go out there?

On to the match...this was a great match too (even if Hardy looked like a loser druggie) the crowed was into it, both of these guys can wrestle.  Edge and Hardy proved that they are definitely still part of the future for the WWE.  The match went back and forth.  When Vickie came out at the beginning and announced it would be a no DQ I thought it would be your typical Edge and La Famila beat down, Edge wins. 

I WAS SHOCKED....SHOCKED.  What great writing.  When I saw Matt Hardy come running down to the ring, I said to myself here we go...another predictable ending to another main event.  I was so wrong.  When Matt Hardy turned on his brother I already in my mind decided that no matter what I will watch Wrestlemania just to see the Hardys go at it.  This is a feud many have been waiting to see for a long long time.  Great match, and what a great boost to generate interest for Wrestlemania.  Matt Hardy needed the boost, and Jeff Hardy could not carry the belt.  Wonderful I give it a 9 our of 10. 


The Royal Rumble

The match began with Rey Mysterio (can this guy just go away) and John Morrison.  Both men went back and forth and then the clock started to run down.  Every 90 seconds a new wrestler entered the ring until the man count reached 30.  The rumble lasted as many other rumbles have.  It started out slow, and some of the younger talent had the chance to show their moves on the big stage.  Carlito, MVP, Morrison, Kozlov, and HHH really carried the match. 

Up until this point I was really enjoying the show.  I couldn't wait to see what surprises were on the horizon for the next  batch of guys.  Randy Orton hit the ring, I was surprised to see him and HHH in the match so early.  They immediately went at one another and the crowed loved every second of it.  DiBiase, Knox, Jerico, Miz, Finlay, and Cody Rhodes then followed.  The rumble was starting to pick up some serious momentum.  People were starting to get tossed, and the shaping of Wrestlemania was starting to take form.

The lights go out, the arena goes bonkers, and the dead man makes his way to the ring.  The Undertaker made his presence felt, as he punished those that were still standing upon entering the ring.  The crowed is loving every second of it, and then Goldust makes his way down to the ring.  He battles his brother Cody and they continue to push the Legacy storyline Goldust meet his fate an was easily dismissed from the Rumble.  I do have to say he did look the best I have seen him in a long time.  I guess that's what happens when you stop drinking. 

C.M. Punk got the crowed fired up as he made his way down, followed by Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin (who cares), William Regal, Kofi Kingston (got a nice pop), Kane, R-Truth (Master P on roids).

The match began to intensify.  There were many wrestlers still in the ring.  A lot of action was going on.  Legacy already made their presence felt.  I was starting to enjot the whole gang beatdown mentality.  I don't think I have seen a stable that was this solid since DX.  The Rumble was definitely a 7 out of 10 so far. 

His music hit and the fans went absolutely crazy.  I didn't, I felt robbed...watching an out of shape old RVD make his way down to the ring was fun, sure...but that was my comeback wrestler for this Rumble...totally disappointed.  I was not happy at all.  I will give it to him, he can still wrestle and he got the fans into it, but it was great when Y2J tossed his ass.  RVD you have created many a memory for wrestling fans, but your return was nothing special for me, and I did not jump for joy...I wanted something bigger.

So the match continued on and Brian Kendrick skipped to the ring, or whatever he does, then he got tossed.  I got a good laugh at Dolph Ziggler, Santino, and Duggan getting tossed.  I was upset because for your number 27, 28, and 29 spots we saw nobodies and a sad sight with Hacksaw Jim Duggan (don't get me wrong, I love Hacksaw, but c'mon!!! I expected better.  Cena's return last year was awesome, this was the Rumble before Wrestlemania 25...all the hype...cmon!!!!

The Big Show rounded out the 30 and there were about 15 wrestlers left in the ring.  We then saw some memorable ejections as the match continued.  Jim Duggan got bounced by Show (it would have been cool if he tackled show out of the ring... at least make it worth him being in the event...but no) so did R-Truth and C.M. Punk (who I thought had a chance to make it to the final four at least).  Rey Mysterio is finally eliminated and Jim Ross makes a comment about how long he lasted but no one really cares and the match moves on (Orton did crush him with an awesome RKO).  Knox, Finlay, and Y2J are shown the door and the road to Wrestlemania is starting to really take form.

The Big Show and The Undertaker then start to box one another (this is totally pathetic) as the fans get excited that they are going toe to toe.  Meanwhile Legacy takes care of Kane and Orton takes advantage of Show.  Big Show then continues to pull Undertaker off the ring from the outside and they continue to box.  I thought that was such a weak way to eliminate Undertaker...like c'mon, at that moment I felt somewhat robbed.  I mean...like that really?  That just happened...can someone explain why? Just why?

Now it is down to the final four.  HHH and Legacy (Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase) I started to think to myself that HHH had a decent shot at winning this.  For the remainder of the show I managed to talk myself into a DX comeback or an annoying HHH win, neither of which had happened.  Imagine though for just one second what you would have done had you seen Road Dogg and Billy Gunn come running to the ring after HHH tossed out the "suck it" chop before getting beat down?  It would have been awesome and man it would have really given the tag division a great boost (cause it sucks these days). 

Eventually HHH, DiBiase and Rhodes all went over the top, Randy Orton won the Rumble and I am satisfied with it.  I thought they could have had better storylines through the Rumble, but I can dig.  I give the Rumble a 9 out of 10.  It lacked a good return and a few surprises, but they had to work with what they have.  I am pleased with the ending, I would have been so upset if HHH won, I probably wouldn't have even done this review...but I know you fans love this stuff so please let me know how you felt, and if you didn't like what I had to say let me have it.

As I did say the return of Vince (previous article: check it out) will bring some good storylines to the WWE, and with Orton killing him last week then going on to win the Rumble fans should be hooked until Wrestlemania.  Overall the matches before the Rumble were fun, I enjoyed the PPV.  It gets an 8 out of 10 in my book, but I cant say that I would watch it again.