WWE Raw: John Cena and Brock Lesnar's Contract Signing Results April 23, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 24, 2012

Last night's three-hour Raw Supershow opened with the pyro going off inside the arena. Michael Cole welcomed everyone to a sold-out Raw, live from Detroit, Mich.

The camera moved to the ring and it had been set up for a contract signing. Theodore "Teddy" Long was in the ring. He welcomed us to the Extreme Rules main event contract signing and brought John Cena out first.

Teddy Long then introduced Brock Lesnar next. When Brock's music hit, John Cena looked a little worried. We were expecting to see Brock Lesnar, but John Laurinaitis came out instead. He asked Teddy what he was doing. Laurinaitis apparently told Teddy that Lesnar has not arrived at the arena yet.

Laurinaitis told Teddy to tell Cena that they will have the contract signing later on in the show once Brock Lesnar had arrived and on Lesnar's terms. Laurinaitis went on to say that this could be Cena's last night on Raw and he should enjoy it. John Laurinaitis then told Teddy to tell Cena to get out of his ring.

Teddy Long then asked John Cena to leave Laurinaitis' ring and thanked him. Teddy left the ring but John Cena stayed. John Laurinaitis went on to introduce himself to the crowd. As he was speaking, Edge's music hit. Out came the 2012 Hall of Famer and he was really pumped up.

Edge said that he wasn't supposed to be there and in just a few days, his contract will expire. He said that he came to speak to John Cena. He told Cena that he could have done this in private, but felt it would be more effective in the ring.

Edge said that he doesn't know who this John Cena is. He said he came to speak to the John Cena who was his biggest rival.

Edge said John Cena must win. Through all of their differences, they have had a strong love and passion for wrestling. He went on to say that Brock Lesnar does not give a damn about the fans or wrestling. He said the Lesnar only cares about the fans if they can line his pockets.

He said that Brock Lesnar left for eight years while John Cena and himself had to carry the load. Edge said that John Cena needs to wake up because if he doesn't, it will be like a slap in the face to guys who love the business like Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and himself.

Edge then yelled at John Cena to wake up. He said that he wasn't asking him, but telling him to beat Brock Lesnar. Edge then dropped the mic and left the ring.

Match 1: Kofi Kingston vs. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho took the match to the corner and worked Kofi Kingston over. Kofi ended up dumping Chris out to the floor. Kofi waited while Chris took a break. Chris came back in the ring and Kofi tripped him. Chris got a cheap shot to the eyes and came back with chops.

Chris Jericho made a comeback and took Kofi down near a corner. Chris taunted the crowd and got them to boo louder. Chris then put Kofi in a headlock. They played leapfrog and Kofi took Chris down with an elbow and covered for a two-count.

Chris caught Kofi in the air and slammed him face first into the canvas. Chris went for a splash in the corner but Kofi moved and Chris ended up in the floor again. Kofi ran over and dived over the top rope, taking Chris out on the floor.

Back from the commercial break, Chris had Kofi on the canvas. Kofi fought out and rolled Chris for a pin and covered for a two. Chris countered and dropped Kofi for another pin attempt. Chris was looking to end the match but Kofi came back.

Kofi was about to give Chris a Boom Drop but Chris countered with a clothesline. Chris covered for a two-count. Kofi made another comeback and climbed to the top rope. Kofi connected Chris with a crossbody and covered for a two-count. Kofi countered Chris with a DDT but Chris kicked out at two. Kofi went back to the top and connected Chris with another crossbody, this time on Chris's back.

Kofi connected the Boom Drop and was set up for the Trouble in Paradise. Chris seen what Kofi was up to and went for the Walls of Jericho. Kofi countered and then starts fighting in the corner. Kofi spring-boarded in but Chris caught him in mid-air with a codebreaker. Chris then locked in the Lion Tamer and made Kofi tap out.

Chris Jericho got a mic after his match. He said that this is proof that at Extreme Rules, he will become the new WWE Champion. He said that CM Punk knows all about being extreme because he has an extremely alcoholic father, an extremely drug addicted sister and an extremely morally challenged mother.

Chris kept putting CM Punk down and said that this Sunday in Chicago, CM Punk will see an extreme beating from Chris in front of his family, friends and fake fans.

He went on to say that he bought a gift for CM Punk that he will present to him later in the night. A gift that will help CM Punk cope from the embarrassment and failure of losing the WWE Championship to Chris Jericho.

He said that he will, once and for all, prove that he is the best in the world at everything he does.

We then seen a promo video of Brock Lesnar's previous WWE career.

We go to the back where we seen John Laurinaitis on the phone when Eve walked in. John Laurinaitis had an opening in his administration that he thought she would be interested in. Laurinaitis and David Otunga needed an executive administrator. He told her that this could lead to bigger things.

Eve said that the keyword was executive and said that she would be honored. Laurinaitis welcomed her aboard and shook hands.

The promo video from last week of Brock Lesnar played.

We went to Josh Mathews who was with CM Punk and asked him what the gift was from Chris Jericho. CM Punk picked up a gift basket that was full of alcohol.

Punk said that he has a gift for Chris Jericho and he would deliver it this Sunday in Chicago. Punk said that he was going to re-gift Chris Jericho's liquor gift. He then handed the basket of alcohol to Josh Mathews but kept a bottle of whiskey and told Josh to get out.

We then saw footage of Lord Tensai beating John Cena from last week.

Match 2: Lord Tensai vs. R-Truth

Lord Tensai struck first and beat R-Truth down. R-Truth tried to make a comeback and hit a heel kick but it didn't move Lord Tensai. Tensai then dropped R-Truth with a shot to the face. Lord Tensai charged into the corner but R-Truth moved.

Lord Tensai turned around and ran over R-Truth, then took him to the corner and beat him down with a series of headbutts. Tensai hit R-Truth with a huge suplex and then a back splash.

Tensai then hit a sitdown powebomb and waited on R-Truth to get up. Tensai spit the mist on his hand and applied the claw to R-Truth, taking him down for a pin and win.

Kane came out to the ring to talk about Randy Orton. He said that Randy is struggling with his humanity and trying to come to the realization that Kane has discovered his one true weakness.

Kane talked about hitting Cowboy Bob Orton and said that Randy was the one who really suffered when he hit him. He said that Randy is not the Viper, he is nothing but a scared little boy crying out for his daddy, for the nightmare to stop.

Randy Orton appeared on the big screen and told Kane that when you mess with his family, there is no turning back. Randy said that he has returned the favor. We then seen that Paul Bearer was tied up and had duct-tape on his mouth. Randy invited Kane to come join the fun.

Randy then wheeled Paul Bearer into a freezer and closed it. Kane said that Randy Orton never ceases to amaze him. He then said that his father is and always has been the devil himself.

He said he could care less about what Randy did or will do to Paul, then apologized to Paul for having no intentions on saving him. Kane made the ring explode and walked up the ramp where he was met by Randy Orton.

They started fighting around the ring. Randy grabbed a metal pipe from under the ring and hit Kane in the stomach with it. Randy then struck Kane in the back and head which sent Kane over the edge. Kane ran off through the crowd as Randy hit the ring.

Alex Riley ran into Chris Jericho backstage. Alex said that CM Punk threw him out of the locker room because he caught CM Punk drinking alcohol from the gift basket.

Chris wondered if Alex was telling the truth and told him to lead the way to CM Punk's dressing room. Chris looked in and saw that CM Punk was on the phone with a bottle of alcohol open in front of him.

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio & Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show & The Great Khali

Cody Rhodes and The Great Khali started the match. Rhodes tried to kick the injured knee of Khali but he caught him. Khali beat Rhodes to the corner and clotheslined him. Khali caught another kick and chopped Rhodes down.

Rhodes tagged in Alberto and he went for Khali's leg. Khali grabbed him and chopped him down with a big shot to the head. Khali then hit a big chop on Alberto in the corner. Alberto went to the floor to recover.

Khali tagged in Big Show and they both went at it. Rhodes pulled down the ropes down and Big Show landed in the floor. Rhodes and Ricardo Rodriguez stomped away on Big Show. Big Show made it back to the ring at the nine-count and Alberto attacked him before tagging in Rhodes. Rhodes went to work on the injured knee of Big Show.

Rhodes and Alberto took turns tagging in and working on Big Show's knee. Big Show finally got up and went for a chokeslam but was taken back down. Rhodes then applied the figure four on Big Show. Big Show broke free but Rhodes decked him and covered for a two-count.

Alberto ran in but Big Show knocked him out of the ring. Big Show gave Rhodes a series of clotheslines while Alberto and Ricardo left ringside. Khali reached in and dropped Rhodes with a big chop. Big Show hit a huge chokeslam on Rhodes for the cover and win.

Chris Jericho was backstage with John Laurinaitis, Teddy and Eve. Jericho said that CM Punk was drinking so he needed to be stripped of the WWE Championship. Eve said that she has been reading the rule book and CM Punk is in a violation of it. John Laurinaitis has the power to strip Punk of the title but needed evidence.

Chris suggested to Laurinaitis to get some cops and force CM Punk to do a field sobriety test in the ring. Chris thanked Laurinaitis for doing the right thing and told Eve that she was looking ravishing. They told Teddy that he would be the one to humiliate CM Punk.

Match 4: Nikki Bella vs. Beth Phoenix (Lumber-jill match for Beth's Divas title)

Both girls go at it and Nikki connected Beth with a dropkick. It went back and forth until Nikki climbed to the top rope. Beth grabbed Nikki, carried her over her head and dropped her on her face. Beth continued the assault and splashed her on the ropes for a two-count.

Beth hit Nikki with a backbreaker and covered for another two-count. Nikki fought out of a submission hold but Beth grabbed her for the Glam Slam, but Nikki escaped from it and knocked Beth down and covered for a two-count. Nikki got knocked to the ground and Beth fell to the ground as well. Brie Bella came over and attacked her.

This brought all over the divas over and they all started fighting. Natalya threw Nikki in while Brie threw Beth in. The referee asked Beth if she could continue as she held her leg. Nikki came up from behind and rolled Beth up and won the match and the title.

Back from the commercial break, we saw Teddy Long in the ring with two cops. Teddy called out CM Punk but Chris Jericho came out. He wanted to make sure that everything went OK and to be there when Teddy handed over the title. CM Punk is then called out to the ring again and actually came out. Punk said that the whole thing is ridiculous and everyone knew it.

One police officer asked Punk to recite the alphabet backwards. Punk tried but couldn't do it and the police officer asked him to walk the straight line of red tape that was in the center of the ring. CM Punk said that he didn't see it and Chris told him to quit stalling. He almost fell but hit the ropes.

Chris told Teddy to strip CM Punk. Teddy asked the police officer for his opinion of CM Punk. The officer said that Punk was clearly intoxicated. Chris told the crowd to thank the police officers as they left. Teddy asked Punk to hand over the title.

CM Punk handed over the title. Punk stopped Teddy from handing it over to Jericho and asked for one more chance. Punk went to walk the line again. He stopped and named the alphabet backwards. He finished while walking the straight line.

He then moonwalked back over the line and then walked forward like Ric Flair does, all while naming the alphabet. Punk finished and decked Chris Jericho with the mic. Chris tried to escape but he brought him back. He unloaded on Chris and beat him around the ring, using the barricade and the steel steps.

CM Punk beat Chris Jericho up the ramp. Chris took off as Teddy handed the title back to CM Punk. We then saw that Eve and John Laurinaitis were watching backstage.

Match 5: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus (with Daniel Bryan as referee)

Sheamus beat Mark down in the corner. Daniel tried to stop him. Sheamus can't hit Daniel Bryan or he will be fired. Daniel begged him to hit him and then they exchanged words. Sheamus turned around to a huge clothesline form Mark Henry. Henry covered and Daniel counted a fast pin for the win.

After the match, Daniel Bryan took his referee shirt off and left the ring. Sheamus saw that he was no longer a referee and attacked him on the floor. Sheamus threw Daniel back in the ring and hit a Brogue Kick to Mark Henry.

Daniel turned around and kicked Sheamus down, then applied the Yes Lock. Daniel left the ring as Sheamus tried to recover.

Match 6: Primo & Epico vs. Zack Ryder & Santino Marella (non-title match)

Epico and Zack started the match off with some back and forth action. Zack made a comeback and the crowd chanted for him. Zack connected the Broski Boot in the corner. Primo pulled Epico out of the ring. Zack went to the floor and was shoved into the metal ring post. They brought Zack back in the ring and covered for a two-count.

More offense by the champs on Zack Ryder. Santino Marella finally got tagged in and hit the big hip toss and headbutt on Primo. Santino brought out the Cobra. Epico ducked but got dumped on the floor by Zack. Santino hit the Cobra on Primo and won.

Match 7: Brodus Clay & Hornswoggle vs. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero)

Brodus and Dolph started the match. Dolph dropped to his knees and wanted Hornswoggle to come in. Hornswoggle got the tag and kicked Dolph in the face. Dolph got mad and beat Hornswoggle around.

Hornswoggle countered Dolph and took him down. Brodus came in and ran over Jack. Brodus grabbed Jack for the overhead suplex but Vickie came in and smacked Brodus causing Dolph and Jack to be disqualified.

John Laurinaitis made his way to the ring for the Extreme Rules contract signing. He said he is excited about the Extreme Rules main event. He introduced the man who he said will be the new face of WWE, Brock Lesnar. Brock came out to more of a mixed reaction than he has received since his return.

John Cena's music played but he never came out. Brock Lesnar picked up a mic.

Brock called John Cena out. Brock said that John Cena was too scared to come out and that was fine. He wanted to give Laurinaitis an explanation on why he was late.

Brock said since Cena doesn't have the balls to show up, Laurinaitis should have a seat so they could talk about business. Brock said that he had spent time that afternoon thinking about changes that he needs and wants.

Brock said that there is supposed to be a match this Sunday but he wasn't happy with the way things were going since his return. Brock had a list of changes and gave Laurinaitis a copy of it. He wanted these changes made right before he signed his contract.

Brock said he wasn't the same naive farm boy that he was eight years ago. He said that from now on, any thought that went through John Laurinaitis' head about what happens in the WWE, needs to be run by Brock Lesnar. Brock also wanted Vince McMahon's private jet for when he comes to and from Raw every week.

Brock said that he doesn't like people, especially stupid people. He said that he will not be a puppet on a string like the other guys in the back. He brought up the $500,000 fine on Sheamus. He said that John Laurinaitis won't fire him and in fact, he will be paid more money. Unless everything is met, there won't be a match this Sunday.

Brock said that Raw will be known as "Monday Night Raw Starring Brock Lesnar." Brock told Laurinaitis to make him happy. John Laurinaitis agreed to the terms set forth by Brock Lesnar and thanked him. Brock Lesnar then signed his contract. John Cena's music hit and he made his way down to the ring.

Brock put up his fists, kissed them and smirked at John Cena. Cena had his own fist wrapped in the chain he had around his neck. Brock motioned to Cena to sign the contract then stood up. Cena would not sign the contract. Brock told Cena to sign it.

Brock said that he felt vibrating feelings coming from Cena. He said that the big bad boogeyman Brock Lesnar has been in Cena's mind and Cena was scared. Cena signed and threw the contract and then they squared up. It didn't get physical because Brock left the ring, still locking eyes with Cena.

What are your thoughts on the show?


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