Ten Things To Do This Offseason

Sean TinnellyCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

Football season is now over. Correction—football season will be over for everyone come Sunday night.  

Many people get very involved into their usual Sunday routines whether it be getting up in the morning to watch all the pre-game hype, or even go to church to pray for your squad before the game. In the end, you are in front of your TV watching the game.

With the off-season coming next week, many people don’t and won’t know what to do with themselves.  There is a sense of panic. It’s over again—already.

The season was another decent one. You had your surprises and your ups and downs. No matter what, another NFL season is in the books and fans everywhere are asking themselves, “What the heck am I going to do until next season?”

Below is a list of ten things one could do to pass the time while the football world comes to a halt.


Some of you love watching football. You look at the athletes and you idolize your favorite player.  You talk about how jacked they are or how great of an athlete they are, so why not go out to a gym and workout yourself?  Get into a regimen—maybe you too can also be "jacked" and feel good about yourselves, instead of living the dream through someone else.


That's right—shop.  You love your team and they are no longer on, so why not go out on a Sunday and purchase that jersey you wanted, but couldn't afford?  It’s probably going to be on sale, so your best bet is to get it during the off-season while you can.  We all know come April, the prices will be up again so one should take this time to get all the team gear while it is still on sale.

Watch the NHL

Hockey? Yes, hockey. Some of you reading this article may be thinking that you already have that covered. If you do, good for you—you’re one step ahead of the game. For those of you who don't you should, the NHL has a lot to offer.  Sure, there might not be as much hype or trash talk going on, but unlike the NFL when one player has a problem with another, they fight—literally.  Plus, hockey is a great game and people should really start getting into it.  It’s the most under appreciated sport in America today.

Get a part time job

With this economy, a lot of people are hurting.  Some people have two jobs while some people don't have a job at all.  Your team is no longer playing, and you could really care to do anything else, so why not go get a part time job doing something easy to make an extra buck?  Save some of the flow you make for next season and before you know it, you’re the guy buying an extra drink or two next season. Heck, you might even meet a girl.

See your girlfriend

For some of you who have one, your girlfriend is probably thrilled that football season is over.  No more lonely Sundays for them, considering you no longer have an excuse to not hang out.  Time to bite the bullet and hang out with your girlfriend. You might find out that you really do like her. Maybe it will be good for your relationship. Who knows.

Try a new hobby

I am not too sure about this one myself, but you could give it a try.  There are plenty of hobbies out there—some good, some bad. Basically, it comes down to whatever tickles your pickle on this one.  Just try to find something constructive to do. It couldn't hurt.


Yup—you know there is something that needs to be fixed.  A leaky sink or a wall to paint—something needs to be done. Maybe you could even make a room for next season. Just think—a man room, you could even make it an (insert team) room. Why not? You have plenty of time. Heck, at least it’s something to do.  Look at it as building your foundation for next season. Imagine watching your team in the Super Bowl in your (insert team) room.  You could possibly be the man of that night. Isn’t that what you want anyways?

Watch wrestling

Yep, you read that right—the WWE works for me.  I start off my "wrestling season" with the Royal Rumble and then I pretty much stop watching it by the time football season comes around.  Usually, it’s because I am tired of it, but in the end it fills the void.  It has the entertainment, the babes, and well...I don’t know. It’s something interesting to watch without having to really think.  Just throwing that one out there.

Read a book

You think you know everything about your favorite team? I doubt it. I also doubt that many people would really want to read instead of watching football.  Unfortunately, it’s the offseason and you have no choice. So, why not go down to your local bookstore and pick up a book about your team’s history? It will be fun to read and you will learn something, so when someone tries to challenge your fan hood you can put them in their place.  It’s not a bad way to go. At least you would be reading about football, right?


You can and should write for this website.  Writing is a great thing to do, and the more you do it the better you get.  When one writes something, there is a feeling of accomplishment and it is fun to see people post what they think about your story. Well, not all the time considering Eagle fans don’t like me too much. Nonetheless, it is still fun to do.  Then come next season, you will be that much better at writing articles so you could change your rank and move on up right here on Bleacher Report.

Either way, people will find something to do during the offseason.  Whether it’s reading, writing, working, or any of these things on this list, I figured I would just throw some things out there to generate some thought.  If you have any ideas, you can think of, post them below.  Let’s see how many ideas for the offseason the Bleacher Report community can come up with.