Brett Favre: Does He Still Want To Play for the Vikings?

Michael TreeceCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

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After just one season in New York, it appears Brett Favre will be out as quickly as he came in.

As many of you remember, Favre went through a very long debate with Packers coach Mike McCarthy and owner Ted Thompson less than a year ago.

Favre thought Minnesota would be a good place to play then, and now Peter King of Sports Illustrated thinks nothing has changed.

King told ESPN that he thought Favre wouldn’t play if he couldn’t “play where he really wants to play.” King later stated that he had a “gut feeling” that Favre wanted to be a Viking.

I know this is potentially big news for Vikings’ fans everywhere, and it is still just a Peter King speculation at this point, but it does make some sense. Favre seemed to really want to play for the Vikings last year, and after a year in the Big Apple it is likely he would rather play in a smaller market.

If Favre actually came to the Vikings, it could do wonders for the franchise, both on and off the field.

Favre playing in Minnesota would more than likely get the state to look at the plans for a new stadium. The Vikings are in desperate need of some help in that area, especially with the lease on the Metrodome set to expire the same year that the new stadium in Los Angeles is expected to open.

On the field, the Vikings are likely a better team with Favre. If Favre really wants to play in Minnesota, he is likely to at least consider a lower pay check so that the Vikings could bring him some help.

There is an obvious need to address the offensive line in the offseason, with Matt Birk leaving and Ryan Cook playing suspect at best. If Favre would play for a slightly smaller salary, the Vikings could use both the free agency and the draft to bolster an already good offense.

Favre finished last season on a low note in New York. If Favre came here, Vikings fans would have to be willing to accept the many turnovers he comes with too.

Just last season, Favre threw 22 interceptions and fumbled the ball a whopping 10 times. However, Favre also comes with his 22 touchdown passes and great fourth quarter drives.

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