Texas High School Coach Wins a Basketball Game 100-0: Coach Gets Fired?

Greg SheehanCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

This editorial is NOT a recap of the lopsided basketball game, but a conduit for discussion on fairness.

Some might say that to flaunt your dominance over the lying body of a defeated opponent is an insult to that opponent and shows a lack of class, a lack of sportsmanship.

Some might say that playing with a half-empty tank against a struggling opponent is an an insult to that opponent and shows a lack of class, and a lack of sportsmanship.

For Coach Micah Grimes, he found himself in a no-win situation by coaching his former Covenant School girls basketball team to a 100-0 romping of Dallas Academy on Jan. 13 at Covenant.

I have no primary sources to present here except to say that the debate is palpable, and both sides have compelling arguments.  I'd like to present this article as as discussion to get people talking about this, and here are a couple points that I have come across while tracking this story.

Again, I'm not going to address specifics of this game, but consider these pro's and con's.

In favor of the high score:

1.  A win is a win, no matter what, and the true spirit of sportsmanship and honor for the game is to play at the highest level possible from start to finish. Look, it's not fair that Tony Parker gets to win Championships, play NBA basketball every day, AND be married to Eva Longoria, but you have to respect the guy for his accomplishments.

2.  There is no reason to cast malfeasance on a team that was able to play basketball with superior efficiency.  Let's not assume that the losing team gave it their all from start to finish, why should they be rewarded with our empathy?

3.  We are taught all along that its not whether you win or lose, and that the scoreboard doesn't matter.  Why do we decide to teach youngsters these tenets of sportsmanship only to retract them when the unexpected occurs?  Doing so only reinforces the suppressed suspicion that winning and scores really are quite important.

In opposition to the high score: 

1.  There's a point where you are clearly embarrassing your opponent, you know that you have outclassed your opponent, and if you exact the purpose of dressing your efforts with round, gaudy numbers, then at that point you are the ones outclassed.

2.  If a man challenges you to a fight, and then he puts on a blindfold, ties his legs together, his wrists behind his back and then faces the wrong direction, do you simply push him over or do you take out a bazooka and fire 15 rounds at him?

If the Lakers were playing this team they would have acted like they'd KNOWN they were superior and they would have taken Kobe out of the game.

3.  Sports and life require moments of charity as well as competitiveness.  This is the nature of sports; this is why we use them in schools to present exercise, and this is why sports promote spiritual and emotional balance.  More than anything, it really is about how you play the game, and we should always focus on why we play in the first place.

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