Shane Mosley Will Be Too Much for Manny Pacquiao

Greggy RomualdezCorrespondent IJanuary 27, 2009

After Shane Mosley's tactical dismantling of Antonio Margarito, his name is being floated as the next opponent of the winner of the Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight, who many presume, will be the Pacman.

What exactly would a fight between Mosley and Pacquaio look like?

The Pacman is undoubtedly the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world today.  I cannot think of a fighter at lightweight or even light-welterweight who would have a good chance of dealing him a defeat.  But welterweight is another story altogether.  Any fighter has his limits.

After what he has shown against the Tijuana Tornado, who many thought was unbeatable at welterweight, Sugar Shane may be too much fighter for the Pacman to handle.  If he was able to stop an iron-chinned Margarito,  just think of what he can do to a smaller Pacquiao.  Mosley showed he still has the speed, power and ring smarts.

Pacquiao will be hard pressed to do the song and dance number he did against Oscar De La Hoya.  Mosley will stick him with the quick jab and counter the Pacman's combinations. Pacquiao may get in a few but it will not be enough to seriously hurt, nor take out Mosley.  We are talking about a guy who has never been stopped.  If there was someone who could have dealt him his first stoppage,  it would have been Margarito. 

Besides, the Pacman still has the Hitman to think about.  It may be a tough fight for the P4P king but he will be too fast and powerful for Hatton.  If both men come in top form, it will be a win, albeit a tough one for the Pacman.  His best bet at welterweight, should he wish to cement his legacy  will be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

With the Pretty Boy's inactivity, Pacquiao will have good chances against Mayweather.  And this fight will sell itself.  Successive P4P kings battling it out.  How often does that happen?

The Mosley fight besides being too much for Pacquiao, does not seem as attractive.