2012 NFL Draft Grades: Why Robert Griffin III Is an A+

Zach CampbellCorrespondent IApril 26, 2012

Robert Griffin III
Robert Griffin IIIAl Bello/Getty Images

We knew that the Washington Redskins were going to draft Robert Griffin III.  The pick itself requires little explanation.  However, for the detractors out there (yes, I'm sure you're hiding somewhere) it's good to reinforce Washington's decision to bank the No. 2 pick in 2012 NFL draft on what could be the quarterback of the future.  

Make no mistake, this is an A+, bulletproof pick by the Redskins.  

The Redskins, first and foremost, are in critical need of a consummate signal-caller running Kyle Shanahan's offense.  

To say the quarterback situation in D.C. has been inconsistent over the last 20 years is like saying that Jabar Gaffney might not be very social media savvy.  

Griffin's mobility, arm strength and mental prowess will allow him to plug into Shanahan's offense immediately.  Sure, there will be a learning curve as is expected for a 22-year-old fresh out of the college ranks.  Only for Griffin, the learning curve will be somewhat abbreviated.

Cam Newton may not have made the Carolina Panthers a playoff team in 2011, but that didn't stop him from smashing rookie quarterback records and making the Panthers a must-watch team.  Griffin may well have a similar impact on the NFL in 2012.   

He'll certainly have a hefty task on his hands in lifting the Redskins out of the NFC East cellar but he'll have to labor equally as hard at not laughing out loud when Rex Grossman takes snaps alongside him in practice.  

Second, and perhaps most important, is that head coach Mike Shanahan and GM Bruce Allen understand that a talented quarterback is an unequaled catalyst.  

Sure, the Redskins could have conceivably gone after a talented offensive lineman or a shutdown defensive back to help some of the many areas that the Redskins are currently working to improve, but quarterback, unlike any other position on the field, can have an indelible impact on the entire team (see: Indianapolis Colts' 2011 season).  

Griffin is a talent that doesn't often come along.  He's been heralded as an electric, awe-inspiring athlete who wills his team to win.  If it's true, and Griffin is as mega-watt as he's been made out to be, then the Redskins have just acquired a generator that will power the nation's capital for the next decade.  

You know what I mean.  

RG3 may well be the guy to put to rest the ghosts of the last 20 years that have been haunting the hearts and memories of Redskins nation.  You simply don't pass up on a prospect with that much promise and, while potential is a dangerous word, in this case it carries enough weight for the Redskins to mortgage their 2012 draft.  

Of course, the Redskins have been busy while preparing for RG3's arrival in Ashburn.  

Receivers Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan have been added to help the Redskins improve their vertical passing attack.  Cedric Griffin and Brandon Meriweather have joined the defensive secondary and veteran captain London Fletcher has be re-signed to continue anchoring the defense.  

All in all, the defense becomes more efficient, gets off the field quicker and gives Griffin and a younger offensive unit more time to put points on the board.  

So, who is Robert Griffin III to have the Redskins give up the meat of their draft to secure him?  He's the future, to put it mildly.  

He's the perfect pick for the Redskins because he will force Mike Shanahan and Dan Snyder to build around him and thus engineer a Redskins team for the 21st century.  

This wasn't about the Redskins' brass being infatuated over a guy with speed and big arm.  It was about recognizing the aching need to bring in a franchise quarterback and Robert Griffin III being a born and bred leader.  

Like his shirt reads—"no pressure, no diamonds." 

Well, the pressure is plentiful.  The Redskins have put the right guy in the driver's seat and no one expects anything less than astounding results.  

I can't wait to see the diamonds.