Something Fishy with Stephanie McMahon

Sheeraz MohammedContributor IJanuary 28, 2009

After a very exciting Raw two weeks ago (Vince's brief Return) and an expected victory by Randy Orton at the Rumble, I was looking forward to the repercussions that was to come the way of Orton.

At first I expected Orton to be suspended till Wrestlemania or thereabouts. Then came the "intermittent explosive disorder" angle and the legal ramifications if he were to be fired.

When Stephanie McMahon brought out her brother Shane McMahon to do her bidding, it all came back to me. This more or less looks like a deja-vu angle for the WWE.

History Lesson, Remember when Triple H abducted Stephanie and they got married in Vegas? Remember when Triple H took on Vince with Stephanie in his corner at Armageddon 1999?

Remember when Stephanie chose Triple H over her father? Remember the start of the McMahon-Hemsley Era?

Call me delusional if you want, but the recent events in the WWE hints at history repeating itself. Stephanie already had a confrontation with her brother Shane about the control of RAW.

With the only plausible threat, the chairman of the company Vince McMahon punted out of Chicago, it paves the way for the Billion Dollar Princess to have complete control of Monday Night Raw.

To make this happen, it would require her to completely eliminate Shane McMahon from participating in any sort of RAW-related discussions.

This looks like a grand master plan, have Shane face Orton at No Way Out for the sake of what happened to Vince. Randy Orton, along with the Legacy, beat the holy hell out of Shane, perhaps even punting him into oblivion like his father.

At this particular night or perhaps the next night on RAW expect Stephanie to confront Orton for taking out another one of her family members. And just when you thought she would turn on Orton, I say look for her to throw that "billion dollar" smirk.

That evil smile that she has perfected, unlike any others. Look for The Legacy to get a huge push as dare I say...


Very similar to her joining Triple-H in 1999.

At the end of this, Stephanie McMahon, in true "McMahon" fashion, is the last and only one standing.

Lest she forgets, the most powerful of the McMahons looms just beyond the shadows...