WWE Smackdown: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry, Results for April 27, 2012

Vincent StephensContributor IIIApril 29, 2012

WWE Smackdown began with Michael Cole welcoming everyone to the show in Grand Rapids, Mich. He said that we are two days away from Extreme Rules. The main event of the evening is Sheamus vs. Mark Henry in a rematch from Monday.


They showed a clip of Brock Lesnar attacking Josh Mathews from this past Monday. Michael Cole said that Josh is suffering from tightness and stiffness in his neck.


Daniel Bryan made his way down to the ring. He was named "Jerk of the Month" by WWE Magazine. Michael said that he had been named that before and it is a "big, prestigious award." Daniel said that he finally cut the umbilical cord and finally got rid of AJ. He said that his loss at WrestleMania 28 did not count and should be on AJ's record and not his.

He said that he was a fair referee this past Monday and showed a clip. He decided to ask questions and answer them. Did Mark Henry beat Sheamus this past Monday? Yes! Did he make Sheamus tap out? Yes! Is Sheamus' title run a fluke? Yes! Will he win it back this Sunday? Yes!

Alberto Del Rio's music hit and he drove up in a Bentley as Ricardo introduced him. He made his way to the ring and did his own questions and answer session with Ricardo doing the answers. Has Daniel Bryan been making excuses since WrestleMania 28? Si! Is the winner this Sunday going to face Alberto Del Rio? Si! Will Daniel Bryan be forgotten when Alberto Del Rio becomes the next champion? Si!

Big Show's music hit, He came down to the ring and asked if it is "Yes or Si?" He motioned an attack on Daniel, then Alberto but both men escaped out of the ring. Ricardo was not that lucky. He asked him if it is "Yes or Si?" All Ricardo did was squeal. Big Show said "Si," and gave Ricardo a chokeslam.

Match 1: Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio

Big Show had the early advantage bu that did not last long. Alberto focused on Big Show's leg and got him down. Once Big Show was on one knee, Alberto worked on his left arm, setting up to perform his finishing move. Big Show lifted him up with just that arm and suplexed him to the canvas.

Big Show speared him and signaled for the chokeslam as he waited for Alberto to get up but Cody Rhodes came out and clipped Big Show's knee. Alberto kicked Big Show on the back of the head. Alberto left the ring.

Cody brought in a chair and a Kendo Stick from under the ring. Cody struck Big Show in the head with the Kendo Stick. Cody then grabbed the chair and swung it but Big Show punched it. Cody removed his belt and charged but Big Show gave him a big boot in the face. Big Show picked up his Intercontinental title belt and struck Cody across the back a few times before Cody ran up the ramp.


John Laurinaitis was backstage giving Eve pointers regarding her new position as his executive administrator. He said that she could make changes and could come to him for advice. She said that she has seen all of the crew members running around and that she did not know any of their names and wanted all of them to wear name tags.

Teddy Long showed up and asked what the status of his job was since Eve is now on the board. John said that Eve is the executive and Teddy is just his employee. He said that from now on Teddy will report to Eve. She told Teddy to go get a name tag. Teddy walked off.


Match 2: Alicia Fox vs. Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella)

Nikki dominated the match with Alicia getting in some offense. Brie Bella came in to trade places with Nikki and face-planted Alicia for the win. The match might have lasted around a minute or two.


Teddy Long was in a maid outfit with a feather duster and a large name tag that covered his whole chest. Aksana showed up. He was so embarrassed and told her he was only doing this so his grandkids' college funds would be safe and that he his happy to have her by his side. She said that when he was the General Manager, she didn't know that he was old enough to have grandchildren.

John Laurinaitis and Eve entered and John said that Aksana's friend Antonio Cesaro has a tryout match later. Eve wanted Teddy to be a special guest ring announcer and then have his own Teddy Table to call the match. John said that he would feed him lines in his headset ad he couldn't say anything unless John told him to. John gave Teddy a People Power t-shirt.


Match 3: Yoshi Tatsu & Ezekiel Jackson vs. Darren Young & Titus O'Neil

Michael Cole aid that Teddy was an idiot for not signing O'Neil and Young. Teddy was told to say that he made a mistake. Yoshi and Darren started the match. Darren and Titus tagged in and out and isolated Yoshi. Darren took Ezekiel's knee out on the apron. Titus lifted Yoshi, Darren came off the top rope with a forearm and Titus got the pin and win in under two minutes.


Michael Cole was in the ring and introduced Randy Orton. Michael said that John Laurinaitis told everyone that if they touch an announcer they would be suspended. Randy said that he tends not to be so rational when he is "pushed." They showed a video recap of Randy and Kane's recent adventures. Randy said he will make Kane suffer this Sunday.

Jinder Mahal's music hit. He made his way to the ring and said that Randy and Kane will take each other out at Extreme Rules and make room for a new breed. He said that Randy's time at the top is over and said that he'll be waiting for Randy on the other side.

Jinder turned to leave when Randy stopped him. He asked Jinder if he was an announcer. Jinder said no and got an RKO from Randy Orton.


Match 4: Tyson Kidd vs. Antonio Cesaro

Antonio pinned Tyson Kidd in under a minute and won.

Aksana came in and hugged him. John Laurinaitis made Teddy go to the ring and raise Antonio's hand in victory. Aksana and Antonio kissed as Teddy looked on in agony.


Match 5: The Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes

Khali took control only to have Cody take out his knee. Cody went up top and connected a missile dropkick and covered for a two-count. Cody went back to work on Khali's knee. Cody went for the Disaster Kick but Khali caught him and dropped him with a double-handed chokeslam. Khali got the pin and win.


Ryback's opponent was already in the ring and was introduced as being from Grand Rapids, Mich., to a few cheers from the crowd. Jimmy and Jey Uso were watching backstage. His name is Jacob Kaye. He said that he had been watching all of the no-names getting squashed each week and all that was about to change. He said that he would be the one to beat Ryback.


Match 6: Jacob Kaye vs. Ryback

Jacob charged at Ryback but was swatted away like a bug. Ryback dominated Jacob and pinned him. Ryback covered for the win.


They played a video of AJ losing last week. She was seen walking backstage and was interrupted by Matt Striker. He wanted an update on her relationship with Daniel Bryan. AJ said no. Matt asked for her prediction on Daniel's match this Sunday. She shook her head no.

Matt was persistent and asked if she suffered a nervous breakdown last week. Kaitlyn interrupted and asked what was wrong with him. Matt said he was sorry and walked away. AJ went to leave but Kaitlyn grabbed her arm and said that Daniel was a joke and he didn't love her. AJ slapped her across her face.


Match 7: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Mark Henry had the offense. Sheamus ducked a clothesline and took out Mark's knee. Sheamus worked on the left arm but Mark threw him out of the ring. Mark followed and brought him back in the ring. Sheamus hit a shoulder block and covered for a one-count. Mark rolled out of the ring to rest for a minute.

Mark bodyslammed Sheamus and went for a splash but Sheamus moved. Sheamus hit some forearms to Mark but Mark hit him with a reverse elbow and tossed him out of the ring. Mark threw Sheamus into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Mark continued his offense. Sheamus fought back but Mark knocked him back down. Sheamus hit Mark with a few double axe-handles and finally knocked him down. Sheamus connected with a DDT and went for the Brogue Kick but Mark moved and took Sheamus down with a clothesline. Mark covered for a two-count. Sheamus connected the Brogue Kick for the win.

Daniel Bryan appeared on the stage and applauded Sheamus. Sheamus got a mic and invited him down to the ring. Sheamus asked if he was afraid that he would win in 18 seconds. The crowd then chanted "18 seconds."

Sheamus said he got off easy at WrestleMania 28. Sheamus said that the question was will he kick Daniel's 'arse' at Extreme Rules? "And the answer is Yes, Yes, Yes!"


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