WWE: Why Edge Was Used to Put John Cena over on RAW

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 29, 2012

Sometimes, wrestlers need a push to move forward. Not that they were falling or anything, they just needed a push to make sure they knew their standing and the importance of who they were and what they meant to the corporation.

Maybe that was the message Edge was trying to send to John Cena on Monday night in regard to Brock Lesnar.

While there are others in the corporation who could deliver a speech better and some may be more popular, Edge came in at a time when he was red hot from being inducted into the Hall of Fame and his message, although could have been better, came at the right time.

The WWE is now using the backdrop of WrestleMania to cast a cloud over a dejected Cena, who lost to The Rock and now takes on another legend in Brock Lesnar. And while the millions (and millions) cheered on both Cena and The Rock for different reasons, Lesnar and Edge for that matter are two wrestlers that get huge pops from the crowds and therefore absorb some of the hits Cena takes from the crowds.

Let's Go Cena! Cena Sucks!

While Cena has been the poster child for the business the past 10 years, Edge stood on both sides of the tracks in terms of like and hate and the fans still respected him and loved his work with Christian, Randy Orton and as a singles competitor. And his commitment to the company since 1997 proved he was as much an icon as others who have been given better accolades.

And by coming out of nowhere, not only did Edge reclaim the WWE Universe, he also helped Cena, who in the past month has been beaten down by the likes of The Rock, Lord Tensai and Lesnar.

What does not kill you, makes you stronger.

Edge was as determined as he could be for not being in the ring and his message rang true. He was right when he said both he and Cena loved the business and Lesnar was in it for the money. And that the loss to The Rock, stung, but he needed to rise above it and be the better man.

All those things will make Cena a better wrestler and the crowds will accept him more.

This is a golden opportunity for Cena to prove he can rise about it all and gain so more love from the WWE Universe. Beating Lesnar will do that. But having Edge help him adds more spice to the confrontation.

If Cena rises up, avoids the funk and takes down Lesnar, then Edge's message is well received. If not, all it did was get a former champion back on the screen.

And nothing was accomplished.