WWE Extreme Rules 2012: The Company Needs to Be Very Careful with Brock Lesnar

Maria CaneCorrespondent IIIApril 30, 2012

On this April night, WWE has just wrapped up their first post-Wrestlemania PPV with Extreme Rules. Heading into this event, the match that was on the cusp of everyone's lips was the bout between Brock Lesnar and John.

This matchup marked Lesnar's first in ring bout in eight years since Wrestlemania 20. And I can't help to think that this actually showed.

Overall, tonight's match was a surprisingly rough and unpolished bout. This is not to take away from the quality, however. From the get go, fans were enthralled with Lesnar bringing the UFC style to the WWE ring. Within minutes, Cena was busted open and looked to be a goner.

Cena, however, toward the end was able to counter with some brutality of his own, but not without a cost.

As you have probably already read, Cena may be out for up to three months due to his biceps being re-injured. While numerous articles are focusing on what this means to Cena, what is standing out in my mind more is what this means to Lesnar.

Honestly in my opinion, Lesnar is not in WWE mode or shape. He is clearly not the same Lesnar we saw debuting with power and agility eight years ago. He is heavier and a lot less polished around the edges.

Although Lesnar gave fans his money's worth,  his ring rust clearly showed tonight. He opted for the MMA approach to fighting instead of the WWE style. There were several moves that truly had me praying for Cena. It was even speculated during the match online whether Lesnar's jump from the top rope was a botch or not. The German Suplex especially had me even cringing a little.

This is definitely not the same situation as The Rock, who came back in near perfect shape and in the ring looked as if he had not missed a step. Lesnar began suffering from some serious health issues toward the end of his UFC run. Not only that, but obviously real fighting takes much more different conditioning and health care than WWE.

Which leads me to my main point: I really hope Cena's bicep injury wasn't caused by Lesnar's rust, wear and tear. But I have a strong feeling it might.

It doesn't help my superstition that Lesnar's return was highlighted by a punch that unexpectedly broke Cena's nose.

If I am jumping to conclusions or being too skeptical, then my apologies. But I think it's quite clear that it's gonna take Lesnar while to get used to WWE again as far as being in the ring goes.

And if I were WWE, I would be playing it VERY safe with Lesnar right now. If his in ring roughness caused legit injuries to Cena (who may even be out of action), then they cannot have him afford to do the same to the likes of other guys such as Punk too.

Time will tell if Lesnar can actually fulfill his yearlong contract as far as actual wrestling goes. My suggestion is that they slowly start to ease him back into the WWE way of wrestling and spots while still keeping his roughness in check.  I also suggest they start getting him back in better wrestling shape.

UFC is completely and utterly different from WWE for a reason, and WWE cannot afford to lose anyone else especially with Cena being out.


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